What cardio activities to do avoiding cardio risk factor?

Hello. I started doing sport a week ago, and now I’m looking for the activity which will help to develop my cardio fitness. I’ve read the article about cardio workout benefits. But I’d like to exclude a major cardio risk factor. For example, risk factors for heart. Such as the risk of heart attack or stroke, bad cholesterol levels, various cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure. My current aim is losing weight.

So I’d like to try good effective cardio exercises to practice every day. I can work out in the gym as well as at home. Actually, the only thing is that I want a workout program to exclude all risk factors for cardiovascular disease. So my question to you guys is the following.

Could you tell me which exercises are the most suitable for my aim? How should my workout plan look like? Also, I would like to ask what activities are best for cardiovascular endurance? And the most critical question is the one which is related to health: what are the cardio risk factor that affects the cardio fitness? I don’t want to do harm to my health, so I’m waiting for your professional advice. Thanks!

cardio risk factor

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Hi Cathy. Some period ago I was interested in cardiovascular fitness. I think the best type of activity for you will be running. Thanks to the usage of all kinds of muscles during the running you can train your cardiovascular system. It is not harmful to your health except if you have some problems with your heart.

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