What meat healthy recipes can you advise while weight losing? What kind of meat has the least calories?

Hi there! How are you? Today I want to ask you about your position of consuming meat and meat products during weight loss.
A few days ago I was watching television when I stopped on a very interesting TV program, and some man was talking about meat and its benefits. With this theme, I decided to sign in my profile here and ask you about it. I have always eaten the meat and even can’t imagine my life without it, so I would like to continue eating meat products while losing weight.
How to make meat healthful? Or is it better to stop eating it at all once and forever? What do you think about white meat?
Are there any recipes of dietary meat? What kind is considered the most useful? How many calories it has and when can I eat it during the day? Really waiting for your answer.

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Disputes about the benefits and harms always were active and to this time aren’t solved. How much meat does the body needs to be healthy, what sort is the most beneficial and when it is the best time to eat it, I would try to tell you.

To begin with, I will say, that any green product can’t fully provide the human organism with proteins and there is no matter what vegetarians say.
Meat proteins serve to build a body because only the meat protein contains the essential amino in its compound.
In addition to this, the meat is full of vitamins D, A and B.
Meat and by-products ( such as liver, tongue, heart, brains) are the source of the necessary microelement of life – iron. But, when consuming it, you need to know the measure – the excess of meat products and a load of proteins can give a negative result instead of the benefit.

What kind of meat is the most healthy?
For instance, veal is great for diet or baby nutrition. Also is useful poultry- chicken, ducks and turkeys. Less common is quail meat. Dietary qualities are possessed by rabbit and nutria meat.

A normal healthy person, aged 18-40 y., who do not have excess weight and digestive problems, will have benefits from eating meat 3 to 5 times a week. However, if there are a metabolic disorder and other diseases, the meat will have to be consumed 1-2 servings a week.

When to eat the meat?
Protein is digested for 4-6 hours. That is why protein dishes must be eaten when the body is alert and is set for long-term work — in the morning or afternoon. In the morning it is better to eat light meals – boiled chicken or rabbit, meatballs, and in the afternoon you can afford steak, a piece of beef, in a word kinds of meat, that require long chewing.

Not to make the meat harmful and high-calorie, it is better to boil it or cook in the oven, but in no case fry, especially with oil.

Caloric content of different meat types (KCAL per 100 gr ):
Pork brisket 510
Beef brisket 217
Veal ham 105
Mutton ham 232
Turkey breast 84
Chicken breast 99
Duck 308

Hello, Anna. 

To be honest, I don't understand how people can refrain from eating meat. It's the product without which I cannot imagine a delicious dinner. And it really has many advantages for the health. Meat is one of the best sources of protein and it has lots of amino acids. 


Calories per 100 gr:


Beef 248 cal


Chicken 219 cal


Duck 337 cal


Ham 163 cal


Pork 196 cal


Turkey 189 cal


Hello! I will recommend you chicken bone broth:

Many people don’t realize just how healing bone broth can be.  Chicken broth can heal your digestive system so that you absorb nutrients more efficiently and make the most of the foods that you eat.

Drink the broth as a snack, or replace your morning coffee with it.


  • Raw, bone-in chicken
  • 1 TBSP apple cider vinegar
  • ½ onion
  • 1 stalk celery
  • 1 clove garlic
  • Water
  • Salt to taste


  • Place chicken in a large pot or crockpot.
  • Cover the chicken with water.
  • Add the cider vinegar and vegetables.
  • Simmer the soup for at least 12 hours on the stove top or in a slow cooker.
  • Add a little salt to each serving as you eat it.


The best meat option during a diet is actually that white meat. It means that chicken and turkey meat. Just try to limit red meat. It is very unhealthy.

Twice a week, we should choose a fish dish. We can opt for oily sea fish, which is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. On the day we choose oily fish, it is recommended to limit the amount of fat added to the diet!

Stay healthy!

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