Whether the fitness tracker can help to lose weight while swimming? What are the best waterproof gadgets?

Nowadays, there are a lot of specialised devices for swimming, but I don’t know what they are exactly.

Recently I decided to go to the swimming pool in order to lose overweight. My new coach advised me to buy a fitness tracker, which can help me to achieve this goal. What is precisely the fitness tracker? Which functions does it perform?

What are the best waterproof fitness gadgets?  What main qualities should it have to do well?

Do these devices really work? Which kind can you advise me to buy in 2018?


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Nowadays, there are a lot of specialised devices for swimming, but let’s consider the only gadgets that can track various physical activity.

What is the fitness tracker?

The fitness tracker is a general name of fitness devices and programs, that show physical activity, different physical parameters of the body ( for example, pulse rate), diet, biorhythms and much more.

The appliance is a bracelet or a clamp with a sensor, that is installed to determine different parameters of your health and callisthenics :

The number of hours of sleep and its quality
Food benefits
Number of steps
The level of oxygen in the blood
 The amount of calories in the eaten food

For swimming fit precisely the fitness-bracelets. The thing is, which the tracker that is on the wrist with maximum accuracy fixes the number of movements by hands during swimming, which means better calculation of drifted distance.
Whether or not the fitness tracker can help to lose weight while swimming?
In my opinion, it is not quite a correct suggestion.

You will not lose weight just because of wearing it on your arm. It will help you to keep an eye on your physical activity, sleep and nutrition, to systematise the training schedule, that in turn will lead you to the desired result in losing needless weight.


I am so glad, that you are asking about this. The thing is that there is a lot of different gadgets such type, so you should just choose the best. I will try to help you.

Activity tracker or fitness tracker is a small but brilliant invention that gives the motivation to practice sports and makes progress become visible.

So speaking about the most economic version of fitness tracker its Xiaomi MiBand 1S. Despite it’s low price, the gadget is very effective. Xiaomi MiBand 1S counts steps, distance, and calories, measures pulse, allows you to monitor sleep, informs about incoming calls and texts, and is also resistant to water, dust, and shock. Withstands up to 30 days on a single battery charge. The device can be easily removed from the rubber strap.

There are also such models as Garmin which offers his Vivo series bands: Vivosmart, Vivoactive, Vivomove or Vivofit. Each at a different price, each with slightly different parameters. For instance, Vivoactive HR is the most expensive. basically not a wristband, just a smartwatch with powerful functions for monitoring activity. It has GPS tracking, a readable display in high sunlight and applications for monitoring gears, cycling or swimming. It is of course waterproof.

To my mind, Vivofit 3 is the most elegant and has the best design. What is more, it’s even not very expensive. It does not have the smartwatch function, but it automatically synchronizes with the dedicated application, saving the results. It tracks steps, burns calories, traveled distance, and even monitors sleep. The watch battery lasts up to a year.

That’s all. Hope it was useful information for you!


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