Which are the best bicep exercises for woman to do at home?

Hello! What’s up? It’s Blum. I want to make my arms stronger and to pump them up a little. But, I don’t want to overdo it and to have my arms like a man has as a result. As for me, it’s very hard to come up with some exercises, so I need your help. Answer some of my following questions, please.

Which are the best bicep exercises to do at home? Are they suitable for women? Which are the most effective for the other part of the arms such as triceps? Maybe you know some complex body exercises, that helped you to get the beautiful body? What bicep and tricep workouts for women do you know?
What is the best arm workout routine for women do to at home? What do full arm female workout you know to do without gym equipment?
Waiting for your reply!

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Hello Blum!

Most biceps workout routines are based on two exercises: the curl and the extension. These exercises work by taking the muscles through their natural function with resistance. Your biceps contract to flex your elbow (bring your hand toward your face).

There are many variations of these movements, but the principle is always the same: curls flex the elbow.

When you flex and extend your elbow with resistance, you recruit muscle fibers. The heavier you go, the more muscle fibers you need to move the weight. If you challenge your muscles consistently, they respond by growth.

Whoever said that women should do a lot of reps with zero weight needs to be set straight. If your workout isn’t hard, you’re not going to see results!

Example Arms Exercises

  • Hammer curl
  • Barbell curl
  • Incline curl
  • Cable curl
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