Which diet is the best when training for fitness competition? How to diet like a female model? How should bikini competition diet plan look like?

Hi! I am 20 years old. I’m interested in sport and I will be extremely happy if I take part in a fitness competition. Now I have decided to start getting ready for the bikini competition. Could you give me a piece of advice about diet and workout plan? You know, I should strengthen muscles and make my body perfect. There are different types of competitions and different diets and workouts for each of them. It is so difficult to puzzle it out that I rely only on your help. Please, share your knowledge about bikini fitness competition diet and workout plan.

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The nomination of female athletes for fitness bikini is becoming increasingly popular, so let's consider the basic rules of how to prepare for the competition and how body drying for girls fitness bikini should take place. As usual, we need to achieve the most optimal option without harming our health.

Some month before the competitions we need to make a revision of underskin fats and realise how much work we have to deal with. The length of the body-drying may range from 2 to 3 months depending on this estimate.

At this time, we should have vegetables, some fruits, meat and fish, rice and buckwheat in the diet.

Exclude from the diet you need all fatty, sweet, all kinds of sauces and fried food. You can leave some ketchup. From the eggs, we leave only the protein and remove the yolk.

During the diet, we exclude the dairy products: sour cream, kefir, milk. You can eat low-fat cottage cheese.

Let me give you an example of drying menu for fitness bikini competition:

Morn 8.00 – 9:00:
turkey fillet 200 grams
canned peas 100 grams
egg white 2 pieces
cottage cheese low-fat 100 grams

11:00 – 12:00
Snack, one average apple  200 grams

13:00 – 14:00
Chicken breast 200 grams
40 grams of buckwheat
30-40 grams of asparagus
An egg protein 2 pieces

17:00 – 18:00
cottage cheese low-fat 150 grams
turkey fillet 200 grams
30-40 grams of asparagus
An egg protein 2 pieces

21:00 – 22:00
An egg protein 3 pieces
cottage cheese low-fat 200 grams
40 grams of ground rice
canned peas 50 grams

Total 1492 calories per day.

Consumption of water does not reduce and drink how much it will fit (and even more). Consumption should be up to 2 litres per day.

The quantity of products in grams is shown before cooking, i.e. in dry form. Cook it every day or with a margin for several days  – decide yourself.

How to exercise when drying for a fitness bikini?

Here, according to the usual rules –  more cardio, an average number of repetitions. We need to train muscles, but do not increase their mass. In this category, the femininity of the figure is first of all assessed, and not the muscle mass.

Muscles should be embossed but without separation. This is the effect when muscle fibres are visible.

Working weights should be small with an average number of repetitions. This will allow you to work out the muscles and not be massive at the same time.

Get rid of water

One week before the competition you need to start getting rid of water.

The first is diuretics. They will help get rid of the surplus in a few days.
The second – gradually reduce the amount of water consumed. This may take up to a week.

Before the day of competitions, for a day, in general, we stop drinking water until the end of the competition. After the end, you can drink again.


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