Which drinks are allowed and prohibited on healthy diet?

Healthy drinksHello, my name is Lucia and I am 25 years old. I know a lot about healthy meals, but I have understood that I haven’t asked you about healthy diet drinks yet.

It is obvious that I should not drink alcohol and soda water. But what about drinking yogurts, juices, tea and coffee?

Are they useful? Altogether, which drinks are allowed and prohibited on a healthy diet? How much liquid should I drink per day? Is it matter to drink only clean water?  I will really appreciate it if you share your knowledge with me as usual.

I’m looking forward to your useful answers, thank you very much.

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Hello, Lucia!

We often know which foods to choose when following a healthy eating diet plan to lose weight but which drink choices should we make? Lots of water is the best but what about when you’d like something different throughout the day. Below are details about a number of drinks to help you make healthy choices to incorporate into your weekly healthy meal plans:

Water – The best choice of all when it comes to healthy drinks. You should aim to drink 8 glasses a day and start the day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice squeezed into it.

Coffee – If you love coffee then it is ok to continue to drink it whilst following a healthy diet plan. Decaf is best when pregnant or breastfeeding (consult your doctor to find out what’s most suitable for you though). A 300ml latte with skim milk is approx 173cal.

Tea – Tea is usually a better choice over coffee. If you need the caffeine hit then drinking black, caffeinated tea is ok but like coffee, keep your intake down to around 1-2 cups a day. A 200ml cup of black tea (without milk or sugar) is only around 2 calories. When you add a teaspoon of sugar the calories increase to approximately 15 calories and if adding 50ml of skim milk then add another 20 calories.

Milk – In general a 250ml glass of skim, cow’s milk contains approximately 123 calories with 13 grams of sugar whereas a 250ml glass of almond milk contains only 78 calories and 11 grams of sugar (but you can reduce this considerably buy using unsweetened Almond Milk)

Hello Lucia!

Yes, it is absolutely true, that soda water and alcohol are prohibited during the diet. But not only in this way. If you want to stay healthy you should forget about it.

Yogurts, still water, self-made juices – this is the clue! But remember, that yogurt should be fat-free and a type of greek.
Let’s think about coffee and tea. You can allow yourself drinking herbal tea or green tea. Make a note, that coffee is creating favorable conditions for burning fat tissue and suppressing appetite.

Remember, that you can drink coffee but in reasonable quantities. It speeds up the metabolism, protects against premature aging and certain diseases. Tea has similar properties, but it is drunk in all amounts – it does not cause negative side effects, like arousal or irritability, it also does not increase the pressure, so it is safe for people with heart problems.

With drinking still water is some different points of view. It is said, that you should drink about 2 liters of simple water a day. But the best option is to count how much water you need per day. There are a lot of water calculators, where you don’t need to count. Or try to do it by yourself. The 8 × 8 rule is easy to remember – that is, drink 8 times a day with eight ounces of water (approx. Our typical glass).

Remeber if you drink coffee you need a spare glass of water and if it’s very hot. Just try to get used to it and your body will be thankful.

Have a nice day and love your body!

Hello, Lucia. 

Of course, you are right about soda water and alcohol. It is bad not only for your figure but also for the health. 

Fresh juices, tea, coffee, smoothies are very good for your healthy but you should not drink too much of them, there should be a limit. 

Yoghurts are also useful but they should be fat-free. 

What about still water, doctors say that we should drink about 2 liters of such water per day. 

Hope my advice will help you! 

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