Who is Bakhar Nabieva? Where is she from?

Hello. I found the very interesting girl – Bakhar Nabieva. First of all, I noticed her well-developed legs. Many people, including my friends, are interested in her bodybuilding leg workout routine she does both at home and at the gym. It seems to me impossible to gain so much muscle mass! But she has managed to do this and continue to develop every day. Looking at such a person you can make a conclusion that practice makes perfect!

She impresses me. I’m from a small town and we didn’t even have a gym. So I couldn’t imagine that somebody can gain such muscles. I’ve only dreamt of it. Sometimes I managed to do some exercises at home to keep fit, but the result was not so impressing. This girl is my inspiration. She makes me move forward. But I don’t know about her almost anything. It would be great if you provide me with some information about her roots. She has quite an unusual appearance! That is why I think she is not from my lands. Nevertheless, I want to read your opinions.

So, maybe somebody knows any personal information about her? Who is she? Where is she from?

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Bakhar Nabieva has powerful legs for which she is famous. She was born in Baku and moved to Ukraine where she still lives. She has lots of followers on her Instagram account. Firstly, she didn’t know how to exercise correctly, but then she found out more about it, and you see the results.

Hello! Bakhar Nabieva is “Miss Iron Bum” was born in Baku – Azerbaijan, and now lives in Dniprovsk Oblast, Ukraine. She’s famous for her excellent physique and incredible legs which took years of dedication, hard work, and dieting to create.

She was a skinny girl at school who suffered from bullying. And now she became an inspiration for thousands of people over the world.

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