Who was on keto diet? What chocolate can I eat?

Hello everyone, my name is Mary and I am looking for some advice about my diet and products that I can eat on it. I have been sticking to keto diet for a few days and everything is going well but I began struggling for sweets like chocolate. Are there any variants to eat this product during my diet? If yes, in what amounts and the exact type of chocolate? Maybe I can try a homemade one? If it is not permitted then with what can I replace it? Looking forward to your answers and thanks for the help!

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Dear Mary, I`m sorry your dieting goes hard. Like every woman, you must love sweets. Be strong though, focus on a more important thing – your body shape after the effective keto diet! I never was on this diet plan but I can help you with some info. There are some tips to help you go through the diet decently and with no harm. Use natural sweeteners! “Just Like Sugar” or stevia drops, or any other sugar alternative you can find. They are completely safe and helpful to your taste mood. Sweeten your coffee or smoothie, or add it to your morning muesli. I believe in your strong will to avoid empty calories, good luck.

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