Why are sodium restricted diets recommended for hypertension?

Hello, my name is John and I am 28 years old. I’m looking for all information about low sodium diet and on one website I’ve read that this diet is recommended for hypertension. Do you know why? How does low sodium diet affect our heart work? What impact does it have on our organism? Can it cause health problems or does it have only benefits? I’m interested in this because I do not want to do harm to my health but I want to try this diet. Hope you can help me and give all the answers. Thanks.

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Hello, John! Nice, that you decided to reduce your sodium level. I think that this diet is even somehow good for those, who don’t suffer from high blood pressure or chronic kidney diseases. To prevent overload, you should control your level of sodium in case not to cause a volume overload. It can have severe consequences for your health because it can lead to swelling. Switching to this diet, you will reduce the risk of heart diseases. Lower sodium intake may also enhance the effectiveness of high blood pressure medications and other non-drug treatments, such as weight loss. I can see only benefits in this kind of diet and will recommend everyone to follow it. While cooking, forget about adding salt to your dishes and try to use some lemon juice, herbs or fresh sauces instead. Stop eating food in fast food restaurants. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables instead because they’re low in sodium. And also to get a reach better form, don’t forget about water consuming and exercising.

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