How much fat should I eat on a low carb bodybuilding diet?

Hello, all I was reading all these questions about bodybuilding diets, and I began to think about trying it in the future seriously. I was thinking about sticking to this diet with my boyfriend; he’s a great sportsman, so he’s know how to do it right. I told him that I would not eat any fat at all to have quick visible results, but he just said that it’s impossible. Is he right? If yes, then why? Why do we need fat in my bodybuilding diet? He offered me to try low carb bodybuilding diet instead. I agreed, but I must know how much fat I should eat on this diet? Which products should I consume better? Thanks, and I’m looking forward to your reply!

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Hello there! Nice question, Jane! Fats are a great source of energy for workouts. You want to grow your muscles and sculpt them into sexier ones, it requires crazy and consistent physical training. By following a healthy diet plan and exercising the fats consumed during the day will burn completely. That is the science 😉 Fats are also responsible for cellular metabolism, hormone production etc. They are definitely inseparable with your bodybuilding plan. Good luck, Jane! Take care!

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