What are the fitness tracker advantages and disadvantages? Why do I need a fitness band?

Hello, my name is Eva, and I’m 20 years old. I am keen on sport for many years; I train almost every day apart from Sunday, I really want to have a perfect strong body and be healthy. Nowadays many people use fitness trackers in the gym and in daily life. I haven’t bought it yet because I want to know more about them and their functions.
What do you think about this device? What are the advantages and disadvantages of fitness bands? Does the fitness trackers really useful thing for doing sports? How does it measure blood pressure and the burned calories? Does it provide accurate dimensions? Can this device bring any harm to the body?

I would like to hear your different personal opinions because everyone I have spoken with, told me only about its positive side but I think that there must also be a negative one. I’m looking forward to your answers, thank you very much.

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Hello, Eva! I like your realistic approach to this fitness trackers fuss. The point is not every device tells you accurate measurements. You spend money on something to improve your health and get motivated but it turns out you cannot trust it at all. Your intensive hand gestures are recognized as steps sometimes, what a shame, isn`t it? This leads to wrong calories counting! Or the battery dies when you are in the middle of 10 kilometers jogging. Or you see on the app challenges that others are so much better than you, it`s sort of depressing. Or you found a perfect device but cannot afford to buy it… Not an easy task indeed, hope you manage to fix and benefit from using your fitness tracker, Eva. Good luck!.

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