Why is fish so important in the japanese diet?

Hi, my name is Jane, I’m 21. I like eating very much. Especially, I like to fish and seafood very much. It is delicious for me. Writing about Japanese culture, I want to know more about what they eat every day and why almost all their dishes contain fish? Is it so important to them to eat fish and how often should they do it? I must say, I am fond of sushi and soup with eel and I often order it when we met with my friends. Is it okay to eat it while I am on a diet? Or should I replace it with something else? Thank you for your answers!

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Hey, Jane! I love sushi too and various fish salads as well as seafood. Unfortunately, I cannot afford eating lots of oily fish like tuna, salmon, caviar and mussels, that`s why I bought Omega-3 pills. This fish fat is vitally important for our health, no wonder Japanese people eat about 85 grams of fish every day. It is the best protection for our heart and cardiovascular system and super helpful for woman`s health during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it has the power to fight depression and positively influences our brain functioning.

Is sushi appropriate to order if you are on a healthy diet? Well, it`s definitely hard to resist. Who knows, all you have to find out while reading the Japanese restaurant menu is the components and how they are cooked. Did you know that sushi can be deep fried? The word “tempura” indicates fried sushi. There are ingredients too salty or fatty, anyways there is always a waiter to help you chose the healthiest variant. I usually order jasmine tea or white dry wine. I always overeat when I am there, but this is the case when I never feel guilty. Enjoy your sushi time!

Apart from sushi, Japanese restaurants won`t let you starve when you are on your healthy diet. They serve vegetables raw and steamed. Why don`t you try sashimi? It is a raw fish served in little pieces with soy sauce and wasabi. Instead of white rice, you can ask for its healthier variant, brown or red ones. Consider the size of sushi rolls, some are too big for one person. Try to say no to the following less healthy names in your menu: donburi, tempura, katsu, yo kan and different familiar descriptions in English which you can recognize as unhealthy. Bon appetite!

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