There is a kind of people who complain that they have a huge desire to care for themselves and their body, but they don’t have enough time. But these are just excuses because if you take it seriously, just a few minutes of daily exercising is enough to keep fit. And most important in this process is to do it regularly.

Let’s consider three exercises are doing which will take 15 minutes and it will be enough for an excellent result, but you should do them daily without any weekends and rest. When we were choosing them, we focus our attention on the three most problematic parts of the woman’s body: the abdomen, legs, hips. A tighten up belly is an essential part of a beautiful figure and to achieve this result, you can do abdominal crunches.

It requires:

  1. Lie on your back; your hands place behind your head, legs are bend in the knees. If you did not do abdominal crunches before, then to ease the process it is allowed to fix the legs in a suitable surface that would ensure their immobility.
  2.  After staying in the initial position, it is necessary to lift the trunk to the level that you can reach the knees with the head. Talking about the quantity, 9-14 is enough as for beginning and then if you can increase the number.
  3. However, you do not need to hurry, because overloading new muscles will cause pain, which can completely discourage yours from training. The next point in the exercises for 15 minutes – the hips, which are the basis of the entire body.

The following exercise is perfect for the strengthening of this part of the body:

  1. You are lying down; hands should stretch along the trunk and legs are bent in the knees.
  2.  The hips raise to the maximum possible height. You need to stay up to two minutes in this position, but on the first training, you can be satisfied with a minute.
  3.  After this time has passed, relax the hips and fall but do not let them touch the floor. The number of reps is  5-10 times.

Leg training also does not take much time and doing one exercise will significantly contribute to their beauty and harmony

  1. Hands should rest on the edge of the table, but it is not necessary to choose a shallow one, because in this position the back pain may appear.
  2. Then you need to raise your right foot while stretching your toe. First, you do face small twistings with a gradual increase of their diameter, and after reaching the maximum level, you do the same amount of twistings but at a fast pace. The exercise ends with three small twistings, and then the leg goes down on the floor.
  3. You do the same with the left leg. So you spend only 15 minutes doing this exercise, but if you do this permanently, a visible result is guaranteed.

15 minutes of exercising for maintenance of beauty and health
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