We move on to the next stage of home exercises and gradually complicate the previous set of tasks. First of all, 15 minutes run, we hope that it had already become your habit. This complex designed for 1-2 weeks, during this time you will get a more fit, a flat belly and a beautiful back.

Home training exercises:

  1. Then get down on your knees on the mat. If the carpet is too hard, you can tuck the edge of it and stand on it, this will help you relax, and you will not think about knee pain. After getting down on the knees, straighten the leg and bend so that you can touch the forefoot with your hands. Do this exercise 8-10 times with each leg.
  2. The next exercise you do sitting. Sit and rest hands on the floor behind the back and pull feet closer to the hips, then span and lift the leg at the same time. It appears that we have support on three main points: two hands behind the back and standing leg. Do this exercise 10-12 times with each leg.
  3. Continue sitting, put one hand behind resting on the floor and another hook at the waist. Twist with all body and return to starting position. Do such a handspring 10-12 times to each side. Those who want wasp waist will like this exercise the most.
  4. Then, get down on the knees, pull the forefeet resting with heels. Forget about hands and bend back until you touch the ground with the shoulder bones. Return to the starting position 10-12 times.
  5. Stand upright, rest with one leg; you can hold another one in hand or bend near the belly. Holding on to the chair back or the edge of the table and start squatting 8-10 times.
  6. Squat, straighten the leg and pull it aside. Jump and change the pin; the back should rectify. Jump 10-12 times.
  7. After such yoga exercises get down on the knees, hands are at the waist, don’t think about them. Jump to the ceiling and stand up straight. Jump 10-12 times.
  8. Do the last exercise on the last breath. Stand upright and put legs at the width of the shoulders. Bend the upper part of the hips and, at the same time, bend legs in the knees and rise on toes, touch heels with the hands 10-12 times.


8 home training exercises – third stage
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