After a few weeks of hard work, your body needs to switch to a bit other types of exercises. Continually performing the athletic complexes, you risk not only to physically “clog” the muscles, but also feel psychological discomfort, fatigue, in other words, long-term monotonous workouts can cause a state of overtraining and permanently close your path to the training hall. The complex of exercises that I offer to your attention facilitated, more motorised; it will be a kind of unloading after previous training, will expand your physical abilities, enhance coordination, stretching and agility. Before performing this complex of exercises, it is necessary to run for 15 minutes, to get a little warm-up. After that, you can start the following activities.

Eight simple tasks for your pleasure

  1.  Stand your back to the wall, at a distance of one step, place your legs at the shoulder width. Bend back, don’t bend your knees. Throw your head back, try to touch the palms of the slightly bent hands of the wall near the shoulder blades. Then lean forward, move your fingers. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times.
  2. Stand straight and tilt alternately to the right and left side so that the palm falls down the thigh until you touch the knees with your fingers. Repeat the exercise in each side 20-25 times.
  3. Stand straight, place your legs at the width of the shoulders, hold your arms at the waist. Rotate the lower part of the torso. The upper part of the body and the head should remain as immovable as possible. Exercise 20-25 rotations in each side.
  4. Stand straight, lock your arms in the lock on the back. Turn the housing alternately to the right and left the team, try to keep your back straight, do not slouch. Do it 20-25 turns in each side.
  5. Place your palms on any support, such as a table or window sill, but don’t bend your hands. Stand that the body and straight legs form a right angle. Follow the springy energetic bending of back down and up. Run flexure 20-25 times.
  6. Stand straight, place your legs on the shoulder width, pull straight arms forward and sideways. We carry vigorous waves with the left leg, before touching the toe of the leg of the palm of the right hand. Exercise 20-30 times. After that, perform vigorous waves with the right foot before moving the toe of the leg of the palm of the left side. Also, complete this exercise 20-30 times.
  7. Stand straight, put your legs on the shoulder width, pull your arms forward. Squeeze, do not tear the feet off the floor. Perform 20-30 sit-ups.
  8. Stand straight, fold your hands back into the lock. Blow away, reducing the shoulder blades, as much as possible throwing your head back and pulling the stomach, while inhaling. Return to the original position, exhaling. Repeat the exercise 20-30 times.

    After completing a set of activities, I recommend conducting water treatments.

A simple complex of fitness exercise for your pleasure
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