The prevention of spinal diseases, it’s strengthening, the treatment of back injuries in sports, as well as osteochondrosis, the initial forms of scoliosis, and more – all this can quickly be done with exercises on the board. The main thing is to know the basic principles. The board is a handy tool capable of strengthening the tone of the muscles and joints and even improving the whole organism. In order to achieve the necessary positive results in using this mechanism, it is worth learning how to do the exercises on it.

How to do abs exercises on the board?

First of all, getting to the classes, it is necessary to check, how firm it is and if the ropes fixed. After that, the board with a unique hook installed under the slope. In this case, it is essential to be sure that the simulator is not in contact with the wall, which can damage it.

All exercises on the board should be performed slowly, not in a hurry, it is essential to at the same time feel the tension of each muscle. However, do not forget that lying on a simulator, you need to feel comfortable. If this is not the case, for example, you slip down, or it’s too hard to perform the exercise, try to adjust the angle of the board slightly.

Next, make sure that no sharp movements occur during the exercise, as this may damage the muscles. To carry out training with a board, you must give preference to static mode and small amplitude. However, do not forget about the safety of the cervical unit, trying to train it as carefully as possible.

Start exercises on the board are as follows: picking the body 15-20 degrees to the left and right. You have to do this exercise on each side ten times. For the first time doing it one time will be OK, with the time the number of tries will increase up to 30 times, and approaches – up to 4.

Next, the turns of the legs, which you also have to do the left and right. Each roll must be executed 15 times in one approach. Subsequently, you can increase the number of methods to two. Another exercise that can perform on board is the bending of the legs and breeding them to the side. This exercise requires doing it ten times in 1 approach, then gradually increasing the number of times to 15, and approaches – up to 4.

For you to feel the effect of exercises on the board, it is worth to perform them regularly, once every two days, avoiding breaks. If this happens, start the next lesson again with fewer repetitions. After training on board, it is recommended to have a back massage, which will allow the muscles to relax and come to normal after loads.

Beautiful abs with exercising on the fitball

The ball, which is intended for fitness, is a universal sports simulator. Back in 2008, fitball recognised as the most useful invention in the fitness industry. And the successful results, which achieved with the help of fitball, have confirmed this fact. Only performing one exercise with this ball, you practically use all your muscles. Also, flexibility and coordination are developing. There are also exercises for the press on the fitball. These include pelvic ascents.

First, you need to work the cortical muscles; it will make the press and the lower back much stronger. Also, foot and foot muscles used here. You need to put a ball, lie on your back in front of it and throw your feet on the fitball. The starting position implies that the foot does not touch the ball. Then try to lift your pelvis upwards, while rolling the ball down with your feet. When you reach the highest point, you need to stay for a short time and return to the initial state.

Next, you need to maintain balance by holding your hands on the floor. Follow this movement in ten approaches. To make the slopes to the sides, lie on your back, and put fitball between your legs, lift them up with the ball, stopping your hands on the floor. Then incline your legs to the left side, without removing the shoulders from the floor, then repeat it with the right side and return to the initial state.

This movement has to be done twelve times. Exercises for the press on the fitball, such as twisting, are equally effective. It is necessary to lie and squeeze the ball between your legs and put your hands behind your head. Twist, lifting your legs and pelvis upwards. In this exercise, be sure to pull and strain the stomach. This great way will make your press perfect. Repeat all twelve times.

Reverse spins are made like this: you need to rest your hands on a ball. At the same time, it is necessary to be careful, it is not necessary to stick to the very edge, because your hands can slip off the ball, and you will get injured. You need to push slowly. Such exercise perfectly treats the triceps. Repeat 12 times. Push-ups are made, by lying down and placing your feet on the fitball. Do them in the slow pace.

According to your training, move on to the complication of movements, having the legs even closer to the ball for this purpose. With such an exercise, you lose weight very effectively. Do 10 approaches. When lifting the legs take an initial position, similar to the previous one, just place your feet closer to the fitball. Then start to raise your left leg as much as possible. Return to the initial state and repeat it with the right foot. This exercise works well for the buttocks. Take 15 steps with each leg.

Ab board exercise and exercising on the fitball
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