Exercises for the muscles of the cervical spine. 5 simple exercises

Well, let’s continue to do exercises which prevent back problems. We continue to strengthen the muscles. And in this chapter, we will tell you about the activities for each part of the spine. The most important thing to remember while doing exercises is not to forget about that part of the needle on which you work. Other parts should be motionless. Do activities sitting from ten to fifteen times. Breathe through your nose.

Five exercises  for the muscles of the cervical spine

The first exercise: bend the head back and forth. We lower head forward, press the chin to the chest, and in this position, we lower the head down trying to touch the belly-button with our head. Then we return to the starting position. We drop the head back and try to touch spine with the back of the head, then we also lower our head down as little as possible. We return to the starting position again.

The second exercise: bend head left-right. We turn our head to the right and without lifting it upwards we begin to move up and down, but we do not return the head to its starting position. Then we do the same movements on the left side. Remember that firstly you do exercise without efforts and then gradually increase the load.

The third exercise: twisting of the head. Imagine that there is an axis around your head and you should move along its trajectory, like to circle head around the nose. You should do this movement both clockwise and counterclockwise.

The fourth exercise: turns of the head left and right to the max. We keep the back straight, the end and head are on the same line. After you turn your head to the right try to do it to the max, turn your head slowly down, trying to touch your spine. When you feel that you can not turn your head any longer, you should tense a little and try to lower it as low as possible.

Fifth exercise: circling of the head. We lower our head forward. Then carefully and without hurrying roll it to the right shoulder trying to get to him. Then we roll our head back also trying to touch our spine. Then turn the head to the left, and move the shoulder with your ear and then return to starting position again. This exercise does both clockwise and counterclockwise. When doing all these exercises try to do everything slowly, each time listen to yourself and follow your breath.

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