Letscom fitness tracker manual

Y​ou might be wondering, what’s the Letscom? We put the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker ID115Plus HR under consideration to explore its manual.

In this review, we discover the accuracy of heart rate monitor, battery life and other features.

Letscom fitness tracker HR review

Fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Use the VeryFitPlus application. Use fitness watch with customized VeryFitPlus app for reporting and more.

Built-in USB-plug: charge the wireless tracker for several hours and work up to 5-7 days. IP68 Waterproof: the color display of the fitness track has an IP68 water resistance rating.

But the fitness watch cannot track swimming data.

Attention: the manufacturer can provide you a replacement or refund during 90 days, a monthly guarantee 12.

Letscom user manual

Choosing Fitness Tracker ID115Plus HR, budget and design are not so important.

Considering expensive brands and budget ones, basically mentioned above features are the same. The manufacturer who produces the tracker various purposes are the features of key importance.

LETSCOM models: comparison chart

You can choose budget options – mass products for everyone. But also for those who play sports at the beginner level. Those who care about the monitor data accuracy will have to pay accordingly.

Choosing Letscom brand

It is not so important how expensive the brand is. How much its experience in the market is of paramount importance. For a long time, the following segment of smart bracelets is quite successful: ID115Plus HR, ID205L, ID152, ID115UHR, ID131ColorHR.

The more users the brand has, the larger the collection. The more expensive the class of the device, the more high-quality components will be used.

Letscom fitness watch is the best in terms of price and features:

The fitness bracelets of this brand are for those who do not need super-accurate data. ID205L is essentially the same product as ID152, in terms of features and system, only a little more expensive.

Therefore, if you prefer this manufacturer, but thinking about the cost of equipment, you can safely give preference to a more affordable brand. In this case, the choice is justified.

In addition:

Fitness watch & app features

Choosing a specific model, fitness experts do not recommend starting from the budget ones. Since a purchase will be a waste of money below a certain level.

ID205L and ID152 are almost the same, but if you look at a higher price category, such as ID131ColorHR, then there will already be differences.

With expensive brands, by the fitness bracelets standards, there is another nuance. For ID131ColorHR this is not a particularly interesting direction. Manufacturers compete for the smartwatch market, a higher-margin one, where the names and brands of the Letscom family are not yet strong.

For free it turns out great, but as an item for independent purchase, it may not be very interesting.

For example, ID115UHR, which is not among the best. The bracelet itself is not bad if you use it with a brand smartphone and do not pay the full price for it.

Because for the same money, any other smart bracelet on the market will be equipped with a color screen. There it will be possible to read the message text (has only the messenger icon and the sender name).

But the price tag is two times higher than that of Xiaomi and Honor, either. The manufacturer has a more advanced sports platform. For it, the brand quite rightly takes an extra charge.

The capabilities of the platform can be divided into two components:

If you need a cool fitness tracker first of all, for a reasonable price, but with a decent appearance:

Take a look at Letscom models. Fitness experts have tested the smartwatches in real-life conditions. More details on what can be expected from the platform at maximum speeds are outlined on Amazon in the description of the respective models.

Customers’ reviews

Letscom vs Fitbit

Fitness experts consider the Fitbit HR and its application in general a more up-to-date device.

The Fitbit comes at a reasonable value, below the most popular watches. On the chance that you need the best among minimized fitness bracelets, it’s your first decision.

In any case, the Letscom fitness tracker is still very useful at its cost. Its highlights (besides the rest following) function as announced and it tracks steps and pulse precisely.

Letscom pros and cons:

Fitbit pros and cons:

In case you’re alright with certain defects in the cell phone application, and the Fitbit costs more than you’d prefer to spend, the Letscom is the best low-valued fitness watch.

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