Treadmill & exercise bike book holder

T​readmill book holder, such as Source One LLC Extra Deep is made for extra occupation while doing workout routine. Tablet or Ipad holder for exercise bike adds more to usual running. 

Haven’t you try these yet? See full review to figure out all advantages.

Treadmill book, tablet, iPad holder

Everyone interested in fitness and health probably heard about 10 thousand steps you need to take daily. Everything is clear and logical here. The more you move, the healthier you will be, the more you sit, the sooner you will get back pain.

Using the activity tracker (such as Letscom fitness tracker) you clearly see that you’re moving a little:

2-3 thousand steps a day. People, who want to change this, tackle the following problem: where to find the time to move so much every day?

Universal holder for tablet, book and smartphone for a treadmill and exercise bike is an extra helper for health and fitness.

Add an element of style to your fitness routine with a universal tablet holder with a quick-release mounting strap. Just attach iPad to treadmill to stay motivated while walking. Or increase endurance using a tablet holder for elliptical machine.

If you need a lot of tasks, catch up with emails or make reading easy:

A universal treadmill tablet mount fits and holds all smartphones. Any 7-inch-12-inch tablets with the screen size at the place of attachment.

By simply interacting with your tablet during training, with music or streaming video, you are more likely to increase your mood. The fear and horror of a long, hard training disappears, and you become healthier and happier.

Tablet, book holder for exercise bike

The Tacx T2092 tablet holder for exercise bike is designed to fix the tablet in the center of the bike wheel.

Thanks to the various adapters included with the Tacx T2092. The angle of the Tacx holder is adjustable for optimal readability. Width and height are adjustable with absolute precision and have the most universal boundaries of action.

Fix the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S to the handlebar of the exercise bike.

So the big screen will always be visible, for example, demonstrating the video in the background, set the rhythm of the drive. A bottle of sports drink can also be stored in the center. Mounting on a pipe, steering wheel, bicycle frame with a diameter of 19-35 mm;

DIY treadmill Ipad holder

This convenient holder will cost you a penny at a cost, and doing sports will be much more convenient.

Now, during cardio loads on an exercise bike, you can watch your favorite movie, series, or just listen to music. At the same time, nothing will bother you anywhere. All the details are not tricky life hack.

The smartphone holder for the exercise bike is ready. You only need to fix the gadget to it, and evaluate the usability of such a simple homemade product.

Fitness expert review

On the one hand, this is logical, but on the other, you must pay for everything. In this case, payment is accepted by the most valuable resource – time. To get at least some changes, you need to walk an hour every day, which means I have to “pay” 7 hours a week.

Is it possible for free?

From this moment I not only went down the stairs, but also climbed. At first, my wife did not support me, and this experience gave me two interesting discoveries.

To begin with, I tested the idea of ​​walking while reading, holding a book in my hands.

The hand got tired very quickly, but otherwise it turned out to be quite normal, and I went to Chinese sites. I needed a tall holder to hold the book at eye level (it is not convenient to look down – the neck is quickly numb).

I had to switch to the DIY option.

In search of ideas, I reviewed a bunch of other people’s pictures. What is noteworthy, there were quite a few such homemade products, which confirmed the relevance and viability of the idea, but for a complete copy, none of the options liked.

It remained to construct everything yourself. My requirements for the holder were as follows:

I decided to start with the layout, which I made of cardboard left, and scotch tape. With the help of the layout, I was able to estimate the approximate height, and later this layout served me as a pattern for making a real holder.

What about the eyes?

At first, there was a slight fear that this might somehow negatively affect vision, but now it (this fear) is not there. Yes, of course, I heard about the dangers of reading in transport, but when I understood the issue.

Well, when it really shakes so that the look goes astray.

The treadmill has no such problems. The tablet allows you to set a comfortable font, and with the lighting of the house, everything is clear. At first I walked at a speed of about 1 km/h, but very quickly switched to 2.5-3, which was more comfortable for me.

Also, I don’t read on the track for more than one hour a day. Experiences about the eyes were in vain.

Impressions after usage

But this happens already on the 5th, and not on the 3rd. There is progress!

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