The issue of training and healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more burning these days. Physical strength and beautiful body influence people significantly. Moreover, this is something that drives and motivates us. Many people limit themselves in everything to see the result immediately. Sweets and flour products become a taboo. Meanwhile – everyday jogging becomes a habit.

One of the most effective kinds of training is home dumbbell exercises. The first and primary reason why is that they do not require lots of spending. Dumbbells are not expensive and are available in any sports shop. Besides, for girls and women the training is even cheaper than for men, as the last mentioned need harder weights.

On the other hand, you will save money having refused from buying gym subscription. Home training helps activate more groups of muscles, evoke endurance and develop strength.


Sometimes, dumbbells and some chairs are enough for the workout.  The primary key to success is a right choice of the fitness program. You have to be attentive and conscious not to have problems in future. The only way out is to consult any fitness trainer. Choosing home dumbbell exercises is also a point. They influence everything. For instance – you may even get rid of spine curvature with the help of power loads, and gradual back muscles strengthen.

The principles of home training

The central tenet of home training – do not exhaust yourself. In other words, if you feel that the set you are doing may become fatal for you – do not do it. It is recommended to do the exact number of reps as the fitness program forecasts. Mention the correct performance of the exercises and try to do maximum reps.  Progress means the following – if while doing the first set you did maximum repetitions, increase weight for the rest sets.

Nutrition. While doing sports, it is essential to watch a diet. If the home dumbbell workout directed to muscles mass increase, one has to eat a lot including protein, vitamins, vegetables and carbohydrates.

Some pieces of advice. The number of reps for each exercise is 10-15. It is recommended to have three workouts a week (Mon, Wed, Fr). Cardio has done before or after 8weight-lifting exercises.

Dumbbell exercises – perfect home workout
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