For women of all ages, either 20 y.o. Student or 45 y.o. Housewife, the appearance plays a significant role, and here, slim body is something that builds up self-confidence and displays health. Moreover, men adore graceful women’s bodies. Unfortunately, nowadays time is the especially precious thing and many women do not have an opportunity to give due attention to their physical fitness.

However, there is a solution – dumbbell home workout. It helps reach necessary effect without going to the gym or fitness clubs. One of the advantages of home workouts is the possibility to manage the time according to your wish. For instance, you may do some exercises when there has appeared an opportunity when you have a free minute or even while watching a favourite TV series.


What is more, training at home provides you with the chance to save some money. To do this, you have to choose the appropriate fitness program. Another pro – you can decide which part of the body to train this time, while personal trainers develop the programs that involve all groups of muscles activation. At home, you can work on arms or belly shape up. Speaking about the dumbbells, they are thought to be universal.

Many athletes train with them on a daily basis. What attracts the users is the possibility to stimulate all the muscles, even the smallest ones. However, there are some nuances you have to know. The first and one of the most important is to start using light dumbbells. You won’t have the better effect if you start from hard dumbbells. The result will be the opposite. Besides, you have to workout slowly concentrated on the groups of muscles activated at the moment. Do not remember to rest. It is better to train three times a week in a day.

Dumbbell fitness at home

Women who have decided to start training at home may begin with a dumbbell workout. This kind of equipment is thought to be universal, practical and multifunctional. It would come in handy even for those people who have their gym with Nautilus equipment because dumbbell workout helps build ripped body with little effort.

Some women have to forget the prejudice that dumbbells make women’s bodies man-like. This myth is dispelled by pure physiological knowledge on woman’s organism structure, in particular on activities of the female hormone estrogen, that does not let female muscles look like a male. Women-bodybuilders train by the specially developed program. Remember, dumbbell workout tones flabby muscles, makes your body more graceful and resilient. Besides, it improves general health condition because it strengthens joints and vascular system.

Modern shops propose a variety of dumbbells. You may choose any according to your taste and preference. But collapsible dumbbells are better because you can regulate the load. It matters, as with time you will have to increase the weight of the equipment.

One of the most effective exercises that may combine with dumbbell workout is squat. It stimulates gluteus group and quadriceps femoris. You have to control your back – it must be straight. For latissimus dorsi muscles a good exercise is the following: stand up, feet shoulder-width apart, bend the body 90 ° forward, put your hands with the dumbbells down and then move them to the chest.

Remarkable things dumbbell exercises cause

Dumbbell exercises have been popular for ages, and so they are now. This sports equipment has changed a little bit, but it remains universal. The main reason for the popularity is the principle of work. Dumbbells burden essential movements and stimulate particular muscles. Another advantage is the possibility of a home workout. Most sports equipment take much space and are devoted to 2-3 groups of muscles. With the help of dumbbells, you can activate all the muscles staying at home. Of course, for maximal effect, combine dumbbells with other sports equipment.

Regular dumbbell workout develops general endurance and continuous muscular growth. Besides, it helps create a perfect body – in just three months of constant training; the result is visible. For it, you have to choose the appropriate fitness program and do the exercises correctly. Home dumbbell workout may cause weight loosing, too. But, in this case, healthy diet is crucial. Spending just 20-40 minutes a day, dumbbell workout will maintain your body tone and immune system at the adequate level.

Dumbbells may use by people of all ages starting from 7-8 y.o. And finishing with the retired. However, the most effective they are for people of 14-60 years old, when they can do regular exercises without restrictions. In general, it is hard to underestimate the benefits of dumbbell workout both at home and in the gym. It is suitable for heart, lungs and joints. What is more, dumbbell exercise improve nerve system condition and stabilise the process of metabolism.
In other words, doing dumbbell exercises correctly will make you as fit as a fiddle.

Dumbbell exercises – the best way to improve your body
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