Youth, charm and beautiful body – these notions are often interrelated. Belly replacing waist is usually the reason of frustration and dissatisfaction with your appearance. However, to cope with the existing problem, you do not have to suffer from exhausting diets, you have to know the exercises to do for a flat stomach. They are uncomplicated and are not time-consuming, but doing them on a regular basis will bring beautiful effect quickly. Remember, it is prohibited to eat an hour before and after the workout.

First of all, you have to stretch abdominal muscles. To do it – take a deep breath and round your belly, and then hold it in. After that, lay down on your back and round it, too.

Let’s proceed from the warm-up to the workout. In general, it takes 20 minutes. You need small dumbbells and some free space. Lay down on the floor, face up. Hands with dumbbells up, gradually raise your body to sit. After that move, your body towards your legs does ten reps.

Let’s continue. Other useful exercises are body-flex and breathing gymnastics. They not only help make the stomach flat and stimulate bowels but also get rid of some addictions (alcohol and nicotine). The backbone of the method is diaphragmatic breathing that is the reason for the organism’s oxygen saturation. It results in fat and lipids burn.

The question “How to make the stomach flat” usually has continuation – “Quickly”. You can do it with the help of sit-ups. You have to do them regularly combined with jogging. The last mentioned makes the stomach flatter in case of prolonged activity (at least 40 minutes) and regularity. Together with abs and jogging do the following: stand up, hands up, feet shoulder-width apart.

Lean forward down, hands up and then lean back rounding your back maximally. Gradually increase the number of reps from 5 to 25. You have to find a method that would fit perfectly to you, balance physical training and diet and don’t go to extremes in the pursuit of the flat tummy.

Quick shape-up abdominal workout

Before the start of the beach season, every woman strives to be beautiful and slim; most of them want to shape up two commonly problematic zones – hips and belly. They find diets and different physical activities as a possible solution to the problem. Let’s talk about the last mentioned. Each of you may choose the personal complex for the problematic zones. The critical point is to do them regularly.

Simple home workout

  1. The first exercise – crunches to the left and the right. Stand up, feet shoulder-width apart, hands up, elbows 90° bent – do the crunches. For best effect, it’s required to do at least 100 reps.
  2. The second exercise – bunny slope. One hand on belt, another – above the head. Change the hands while changing the side of the hill. Do 100 reps.
  3. The third exercise. Lie down on the floor and move your head to the knees. The hands locked on the chest. Do 20 reps.
  4. The fourth exercise is opposite to the previous one. Raise your legs at least 20 times, too.
  5. The next exercise – bicycle on the floor. Do 100 repetitions.
  6. After that, lie down on the right side of the body, with the hands relying on the floor. Raise the left leg as high as you can. Do 30 reps. Change the team and do the opposite (left side – the right leg up as high as possible) 30 times, too.
  7. The last exercise – legs up lying on the back as high as you can. Do 30 reps.

You have to know that jogging, swimming and badminton are the activities stimulating muscles tone, too.
Finishing the workout hanging on the horizontal bar would be great. It is suitable for back stretching and posture.
The exercises should do every evening, two hours after the dinner. After that – shower and sleep. No morning gymnastics needed. Did you know that the muscles wake up at 10-11 AM? It is why hard physical activities in the morning may result in injuries.

If you are not fond of doing exercises, as the author of the article, confine yourself to do them in February-April if you workout regularly at that time, by the beginning of the summer you will be shape-upped. If you don’t like anything in the proposed complex of exercises, you may ask for some pieces of advice the fitness trainer.

How to get a flat stomach in a week without dieting? 7 simple exercises to reduce weight
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