Acquiring the perfect physical shape for the beach season is an equally relevant event for millions of women and all those who are not indifferent to their visual appeal of the stronger sex. And you are ready to visit the beach? Are you prepared to take off your shirt, and proudly demonstrate your immaculate torso to others? If you are not sure that you can answer this question in the affirmative, use our collection of practical training. In particular, we present you the best Beachbody workout to prepare for the summer season! Try to win laziness in yourself and be actively focused on high results! Consequently, with the help of Beachbody workout exercises, you will undoubtedly be able to achieve the creation of the body of your dreams!

The biggest mistake that girls make when preparing for summer is striving for a week, or even better, for three days, to lose 10 kg, get rid of cellulite and look fit and slim. But all these dreams are broken about reality and well if just broken.

In fact, everything can end in tears – a hungry faint or hospital bed. If this prospect does not please you, then stop looking for “super diets” and in no case do not practice shock training on an empty stomach. Read Beachbody workout and rules to prepare for the summer season!

How to prepare the body for the summer?

Rule number one in preparing the figure for the summer – do not flog “fever.” Your heroism no one will appreciate and not notice. Competent nutrition and a Beachbody workout program designed for weight loss of about 0.5-1 kg per week will help you to transform qualitatively. And well, only then weight loss will be safe, and weight will be reduced precisely by burning excess fat.

For this purpose, put aside all the ideas to lose weight with the help of one kefir, apples, two-hour jogging on an empty stomach. Therefore, you need sport, proper nutrition, work, and desire.

Moving is a must

Movement is a great way to lose weight, which should be used wisely and with pleasure. For those who have spent their entire adult lives on the sofa, I advise you to start small. Take advantage of good weather and refuse public transport. Start walking at least half an hour a day.

Next is to connect simple Beachbody workout exercises to strengthen all muscle groups. If you are a “kettle” in sports, it will be foolish to immediately go and buy an unlimited subscription to fitness for drums workouts. As a result, most likely your enthusiasm will be enough for a couple of exercises.

It is better to sign up for group classes for beginners to learn the basics of exercise. The problem of excess weight can solve workouts like step aerobics, Zumba, Pilates or simple jogging.

You need to do at least 3 hours a week, but no more than 5. Overtraining is useless.
During exercise, drink water as needed. Food after Beachbody workout – no earlier than an hour. If you are “dying” from hunger, drink a glass of low-fat yogurt, but with no carbohydrates.

Effective Beachbody workout | Top exercises for different types of body shape

We turn to proper nutrition

To solve the problem of excess weight and cellulite can proper nutrition. Namely food, and not diet and hunger. All popular diets on one leaf of lettuce and boiled egg and other inventions send “to the furnace.”

You need beauty and health, not falling hair and a tummy tuck. Your diet needs “healing” and a lot of vitamins. For this you need:

  1.  Limit the amount of salty, pickled and too spicy foods. Salt and spices increase appetite, and salt also retains water. You shouldn’t completely exclude this product. You should refuse those dishes where there is too much salt. If possible, do not salt the food in the cooking process. But you can add salt to the already prepared meals. For a day you should have half a teaspoon of salt.
  2. Reduce the number of calories eaten in the evening. The most common mistakes are evening eating and evening hunger (advice “do not eat after 6”). Dining in the evening is necessary. Proper dinner will help reduce weight without fasting and overeating during the day.
    The ideal products for the evening are steamed vegetables, fish, dairy products. All this can be extinguished, boiled, baked – in general, cook without fat. It is very undesirable to eat sweets, bread and any other carbohydrates in the evening, but! If you work at night or due to some circumstances did not have time to dine – add some complex carbohydrates for dinner fully. (three or four tablespoons of buckwheat, rice or a slice of black bread).
  3. Diversify your food. Now there are so many useful products! Vegetables, fruits, a vast selection of overseas cereals, shrimp, squid, different types of fish and meat, dairy products. Find it all is easy, even if your diet consists of these healthy foods. They are much better than meat with potatoes and morning sandwiches.
  4. Replace “harmfulness” with “utility.” The first time, well, and if you confess honestly, so far, it’s quite difficult for me to give up on sweets. Therefore, I found a tasty and less high-calorie alternative – fruits (fresh or frozen), dried fruits. Of course, you shouldn’t lean too much on fruits, especially sweet ones. But eating an apple or even a high-calorie banana is much healthier than a cake! The same goes for other things. Instead of sausage, eat boiled chicken, take to work salads, bread, eggs. You can find a replacement if you want. Change the way of cooking – bake, stew, cook on the grill. Most importantly, no frying in butter, and, especially, with breading.
  5. Drink water. Water you need to drink at least 1.5 liters per day. Exclude sweet compotes, coffee, sweet tea, sparkling water. The best drinks are water, green tea, herbal teas, and sugarless fruit drinks.

Buy a swimsuit and get rid of cellulite!

Get rid of extra pounds – is half the battle, the second part – a decrease in the manifestations of cellulite. Doctors and fitness trainers argue that it is impossible to get rid of it completely. Fortunately, you can make the “orange peel” less visible to the human eye. Required water and cosmetic procedures – LPG massage, contrast shower, the use of creams that nourish and moisturize the skin.  (it can be done in the clinic or at home alone).

Combating with the cellulite, it is advantageous to engage in fresh air – oxygen improves the condition of the skin. If this is not possible, then deal with the open pane. Respiratory gymnastics is also very useful; it increases the amount of oxygen consumed. Also, it nourishes the organs and tissues so that the skin becomes healthy and smooth. Walk more in the park or along the lake.

Another enemy of cellulite is strength training. During active muscle work, an excellent “internal” massage of the fat layer takes place, and the work of the blood vessels is activated. Exercises with moderate burdening or power Pilates (yoga) will help to make the skin smooth. The main goal of the exercises is to activate blood circulation in the “problem areas” and get rid of excess fat.

If health permits – jump rope. Strengthening of blood circulation contributes to improvement; it also helps to improve the shape of muscles and recover faster. Of course, it is difficult to keep yourself in the framework constantly, therefore rarely, once in 10-14 days you can afford something tasty in a small amount. I am a professional, and I advise you to prepare your body for the summer in just such a way – in a reliable, safe and proven technique.

5 exercises for a beautiful figure

Every girl dreams of being “the queen of the beach” and looking in a bathing suit so that all vacationers look after her and quietly envy. But in order to proudly show your body in a bikini, you can not do without Beachbody workout exercises for a figure!

Unfortunately, the climate in our country allows us to be naked only in summer, and the rest of the time we can hide various flaws of the figure under clothes and not worry too much about it. But the holiday season is coming – the May holidays and summer are just around the corner, which means that it’s time to start preparing your body for the beach season! If you want to become the owner of a beautiful figure, you need to start practicing Beachbody workout right now.

AskYourFitnessQuestion presents five simple exercises for a beautiful figure!

Exercises for a figure: squats

This Beachbody workout for a figure will make your legs and thighs slim and seductive, and will also bring back muscles and buttocks in order.

Feet shoulder width apart. Slowly squat, bending them in the knees and not lifting the feet from the floor, the back should be straight. Squat as low as you can and hold this position for 10 seconds. Slowly return to the starting position, and then repeat the Beachbody workout exercise 10–15 times in three or four sets.

Exercises for a figure: lunges forward

This figure exercise is an excellent addition to squats. It will strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks, make them even more attractive.

Stand straight, hands on the waist. Step forward with one foot and slowly crouch on it, bending it in the knee, and keep the back straight as long as you can. Then return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 8–12 times in three sets.

Exercises for a figure: lunges when walking

Through this Beachbody workout for the figure, you can not only get the perfect shape but also improve the work of the heart. It is very similar to the previous one, but it is done with the only difference that you do not return to the starting position, but, as it were, continue to “walk, ”making lunges with different legs.

As soon as you feel that you are successfully performing all the actions, you can safely pick up the dumbbells in your hands – so you will bring your chest, arms, and shoulders into shape. Repeat the Beachbody workout exercise 8–12 times in three sets.

Exercises for a figure: lifting legs

Leg elevation is a very useful Beachbody workout for a figure that acts on several muscle groups at once and helps to achieve good results quickly. There are two options for its implementation.

Lie on the mat on the side, legs together. Raise your upper leg as far as you can, and stay in this position for a couple of seconds. Then slowly lower it without touching the second one, and then lift it up again. Try to make three sets 25 times and gradually increase the load. You will be surprised, but in a month your legs and hips will become more slender, and your body curves will be extremely seductive!

Lie on your back and lift both legs at a 90-degree angle, trying to keep them together. Hold your legs at the top point for 5-10 seconds, and then slowly lower. In the case of proper and conscientious performance, this Beachbody workout exercise will make your stomach flat after just a couple of months of regular exercising!

Exercises for the figure: jumping rope

At a young age, you probably loved to jump rope? It is time to remember childhood and resume these fun Beachbody workouts! You will be surprised, but jumping rope is an excellent exercise for the figure, as it allows you to get rid of cellulite. Besides, this exercise for the figure perfectly strengthens the heart and leg muscles.
You do not know which rope is better to choose for home use? AskYourFitnessQuestion can help you! 12 Best jumping ropes for home exercises, workout, games.

Beachbody workout for 3 months

Want to get in shape? We have a comprehensive Beachbody workout program from the famous American fitness trainer Chris Powell. And tips on how not to interrupt classes. Now you can achieve real results.

Beachbody workout for 3 months

This handsome man is Chris Powell. He works with ABC channel members of the Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition show, but is now ready to work with you.
Yes, it is useful to study. But a stable and visible result with the naked eye is always the merit of monotonous and long labor. In fact, to jerk once – for example, for a miserable month, limit your diet and, by clenching your teeth, force yourself to do squats under the dictates of the trainer – consider everyone is capable. But to train for years, patiently overcoming pain in the muscles, fatigue (and moral too), slowing down or disappearing of progress is another matter.

The success of any person who achieved the result lies on three pillars: personal desire (since you read these lines, there is no problem here), a competent plan and strategy to maintain motivation. You will find the instructions on the last two points in our material. We have drawn up for you a detailed training plan for three months, plus we are ready to tell you how to maintain the spirit at a sporting level even in the most challenging moments. If you go with us to the end, you will get the result. And so you get involved in the fitness process, that you do not want to stop, realizing that you can do everything.

The idea of Chris Powell program

It is not very important for us and Powell who you are – a sophisticated bar judge or a green neophyte who is still completely. This three-month Beachbody workout plan will suit any lady. For men, this training Beachbody workout complex is also suitable, but only for maintaining the body in tone. For a particular result regarding muscle pumping – this is not an appropriate program. It pursues two archival goals at once – getting rid of excess weight and finding a pleasant to the eye and to the touch muscle tone.

Every week you will have to carry out 3 intensive weight training plus 2 cardio sessions (see the “Cardio” block). The first four weeks you will spend on building muscles and practicing the correct technique for doing the Beachbody workout exercises. The second month will add speed and improve your power and endurance. In the last period, you will fully concentrate on burning the fat residues that hide the correctly trained figure.

Although classes in each of the three months are based on their method of building loads, they all contribute to the acceleration of metabolism for several hours after exercise. Moreover, take no more than 30 minutes of clean time and, thanks to constant changes, will not make you bored and discouraged.

Cardio unit of the Beachbody workout

The plan is as follows. You conduct a lesson according to our scheme 2-3 times a week. Using any cardio equipment (track, cycle and elliptical trainers or even a pool). After a five-minute warm-up, adjust the intensity of the effort, based on a scale from 1 to 10.

  • Pass 3 minutes with intensity 5;
  • 2 minutes – with a power of 7;
  • and minute – at level 9.

This is one cycle. Make these five.

Take this interval as a starting point. The fact is that over time, your body inevitably adapts to any kind of stress. In order for it to continue to transform for the better, it is necessary from time to time to surprise it with something new and unusual. Therefore, every 6 Beachbody workouts change one of four parameters:

  1. exercise frequency (from two cardio per week to three);
  2. intensity (for example, increase the average number of pedals per minute on a stationary bike by 15);
  3. duration (add one to three cycles to the main five);
  4. Type of equipment (as an option, you can replace the elliptical trainer with a jump rope).

TIP: To diversify your cardio-life, add a partner to it. And train together – even in the usual catch-up on a run. Run off to 30 meters from the satellite – and let him try to overtake you the next 100-200 m. After that, switch roles.

Beachbody workout for 3 months


Do 8–12 repetitions in each exercise, performing all movements in a row, almost without rest. Then, having mastered the circle, take a breath a minute and start over. In total for training, it is necessary to pass three full approaches.

Dumbbell squats
Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lift the shell to the chest, placing it vertically and clasping the upper disc (a).
Pulling the pelvis back, take a deep seat (b). Straighten your legs, return to the starting position – and you will get one repeat.


Beachbody workout for 3 months








Hammers with a Bench Press
Place your feet hip-wide, take a dumbbell and put them on the sides, pointing your palms at each other (a). Bend your elbows and lift the shells against your shoulders (b).
Now squeeze the dumbbells up so that at the end point they are located exactly above the shoulder joints (c). That is one replay. Gently return the hands to their original position, winding backward movement.

Beachbody workout for 3 months









Deadlift with dumbbells
Firstly, take the shells so that they are in front of the hips. Feet put on the width of the pelvis, legs slightly bent at the knees, back straight (a). Secondly, while pulling the pelvis back, bend over and, without rounding the waist, lower the dumbbells.  Do this, trying to reach the level of the middle of the legs (b).
Then, return to the starting position – this is one repetition. During the whole approach, keep the shells as close as possible to the legs.

Beachbody workout for 3 months









Dumbbell pullovers
Lags on the bench, bending the legs at the knees and placing the shells above themselves. Keep your arms slightly bent (a). Without changing the bend angle in the elbows, put the dumbbells back as close to the floor as possible (b).
Gently return to the starting position. That is one replay.

Beachbody workout for 3 months

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Thrust dumbbells in the slope with rotation
Put your feet together, take the projectile in your left hand and bend forward, bending your knees. In the initial position, the dumbbell should be slightly below the knee; the palm looks inward (a).
With a joint movement, tighten the projectile to your belt and turn left, keeping your elbow pressed to the body (b). Return the dumbbell and the body to its original position – you will receive one repeat of this Beachbody workout exercise. Make these the right amount first with one, then immediately with the other hand. If necessary, rest your free hand on fixed support.

Beachbody workout for 3 months



Do 15 repetitions in each Beachbody workout exercise, moving from one movement to another with virtually no rest. Complete as many laps as possible in 15 minutes. Allow yourself to pause the respite only when you feel that you can no longer perform the required number of repetitions in the correct technique.

Beachbody workout for 3 months

Climb step
Take the dumbbells in your hands and stand up to the right of the platform. Now put your right foot on the dais so that the thigh forms a diagonal in front of you (a).
Climb onto the platform, straightening your right leg almost wholly (b). Carefully return to the starting position – this is one repetition. Do all 15, then change the side.

Beachbody workout for 3 months


Rock climber
Stand in a lying position, putting your feet together. The legs and body you should straighten into a single hard line (a). Pull up the right knee to the right shoulder, at the end point by touching the floor (b).
Return to the starting position. Now repeat the movement with your left foot. That will be one replay. Continue to alternate legs until the end of the approach.

Beachbody workout for 3 months

Put your feet shoulder-width apart, lift your dumbbells to your shoulders so that your elbows are pressed against the body and are under the shells (a).
Pull back the pelvis (b). Powerfully straighten your legs and squeeze shells over your head (c). Put the dumbbells back on your shoulders – you will get one repeat.

Beachbody workout for 3 months

Throw fitball in the floor
Place your feet to the width of the pelvis and lift the shell above your head (a).
Holding your back straight and your arms slightly bent, due to the efforts of the abdominal muscles, bend over and hit the floor against the floor (b). Quickly pick up the ball and return to the starting position – this is one repetition.

Beachbody workout for 3 months

Helpful advice: Track your progress: count the number of laps and try every week to beat the previous record.


Do all repetitions of exercise 1A, then move on to movement 1B. After finishing it, rest for a minute and switch to 2A and 2B. Complete the circle with exercise 3. And repeat all over again. You need to complete four full rounds.

Jumping Lunges
Hold the dumbbells in your hands, step forward with your left foot and sink into the lunge (a).
Jump up and, having replaced legs in the air (b), again landed in a lunge (c). That is one replay. Keep jumping, alternating legs. Do 12-20 repetitions.

Beachbody workout for 3 months

Thrust dumbbell in the slope
Take the shells in your hands and lean forward, slightly bending your knees. In the initial position, the hands should be just below the knees, and the palms you should turn on each other (a).
Bring the shoulder blades and tighten the hilt to the stomach (b). Return to the starting position – this is one repetition. Make it 12–15.

Beachbody workout for 3 months


Raising the pelvis with flexing the legs on fitball
Lags on the floor, with legs, slightly bent at the knees on the projectile (a). By cutting the buttocks, remove the pelvis from the floor (b).
Now, without stopping, bend your knees and roll the ball towards yourself (c). Moving in the reverse order, return to the starting position (basin on the floor). That is one replay. Make it 12–15.

Beachbody workout for 3 months

Dumbbell bench press on an incline bench

Place an angle of 20–30 degrees on the bench and lay your back on it. Lift the shells above themselves, unrolling them in one line (a).
Lower the dumbbells on the sides of the chest (b), pause and return to the starting position. You did one replay. All you need to do 12-15.

Beachbody workout for 3 months


Fitball Ball
Put the forearms on the ball, feet shoulder-width apart and bring the body in one line with the legs. Strain the buttocks, pull in the stomach and do not hold your breath.
Stay in this position for 60 seconds. If it is too hard to endure, divide the minute into six sections of 10 seconds. And execute them as a single series, resting in intervals of 5 seconds.

Beachbody workout for 3 months


Helpful advice
Start each Beachbody workout exercise with checking the condition of the bark: straining the abdomen and buttocks, bend your back. So you will not only reduce the risk of injury, but also improve the shape of your waist.

Beachbody workout for 3 months

How to set a goal?

Goals are the key to the success of the event; they make you continue to move, even when you want to send everything to the devils. But, in order not to get out of the way and not to abandon the lessons at half-way, you need to formulate tasks very accurately. You want to fight and not give up – be careful that your aspirations are:

    Don’t be content with an amorphous “I want to be healthy.” Vague goals leave too much room for your mind to move. Therefore, collect thoughts in a heap and make clear desires. For example: “I want to lose 10 kilos” or “I want to be able to do push-ups from the floor 20 times.”
    Your progress towards an ideal result should be easily measured, whether it is long-term or short-term. To make everything clear, set yourself weekly (micro) and monthly (macro) tasks.
    Do not torture yourself with unattainable promises. If you do not physically have the opportunity to practice more than 30 minutes a day, do not aim at “daily hour of cardio” or “daily hour of Beachbody workout.”
  4. REAL
    Even the most competitive training plan and the most goal-oriented individual in the world together are not able to change human physiology. To achieve some of the tasks commonplace need many months.
    Deadlines organize, we all know very well. Without them, it is generally difficult to move anything. Therefore, always set a deadline for the implementation of a particular fitness goal. For example, on dropping 10 kg, measure yourself no more than four months. To run 10 kilometers, it will take from three to six months of training. Well, and so on.

Helpful advice
Change the situation – move your workout to the street or just to another part of the room. Wacky-looking reception, but, you know, invigorating and not getting bored.

Lose weight by the summer: Who wants to have a beautiful butt?

Springtime is good because, finally, we can afford to wear short skirts, tight pants, and shorts … Wait a minute, can we? Indeed, during the winter, most of us are gaining a few extra pounds, overgrown with fat at the most strategically important points. For this reason, get rid of all acquired during the winter on the pope will help a Beachbody workout complex of 7 exercises, which we collected specially for you.

A simple and useful set of super-efficient controls will help us to bring into a decent shape the thighs and buttocks for the short period that remained until the summer season. Make them comfortable even at home. By the way, adherents of yoga say that the mobility of her pelvis can judge the health status of a woman, so pay particular attention to this part of the body!

7 effective Beachbody workouts for a beautiful butt

Consider when performing Beachbody workout exercises:

  • Always look at your posture – the chest should be opened, tail bone pulled up.
  • The weight of each dumbbell, which we use as a load, should be 1-2 kg.
  • The weight of the bodybuilder (weighting for the exercises lying down) should be 3 kg.

7 effective exercises for pumped buttocks

Exercise 1. Lunges
Starting position: standing, legs wide apart in the front-rear direction, arms with dumbbells – along with the body.
Technique: making lunges, the knee, which falls out at the same time, goes down as low as possible, but you do not lean on it.
The number of repetitions: 2–3 sets of 15 repetitions. At the beginning of each approach, we change the leg.

Exercise 2. Inclinations
Starting position: standing, feet shoulder-width apart, arms with dumbbells – along with the body.
Technique: tilt the body forward to parallel with the floor. When bending, the legs are slightly bent, and the arms with dumbbells are brought as close as possible to the legs. Keep your head and back straight!
The number of repetitions: 2-3 sets of 20 repetitions.
Effective for large gluteus muscles, hip biceps, and extensors of the back.

Exercise 3. Climbing
Starting position: lying on your back, we set the body bar at the level of the pelvis and hold it with both hands. Legs bent, feet apart (divorced slightly further than shoulder width).
Technique: raise the pelvis, translating the body bar to the hips. Returning to the original position, do not touch the floor of the buttocks.
The number of repetitions: 2–3 sets of 15 repetitions.
This Beachbody workout is effective for large gluteal muscles.

7 effective Beachbody workouts for a beautiful butt

Exercise 4. Butterfly Rises
Starting position: Lie on your back, body bar held at the level of the pelvis with both hands. Legs bent, feet together.
Technique: raise the pelvis, translating body bar on the hips. In brief, when lifting we raise our knees. Returning to the original position, do not touch the floor of the buttocks.
The number of repetitions: 2–3 sets of 15 repetitions.
Useful for large gluteal muscles.

Exercise 5. Wiggle (Swing foot)
Starting position: “cat’s position” – knee-elbow support. Keep your head and back straight. We rely mainly on the hands, not on the knees.
Technique: lift the bent leg (at a 90 ° angle) and then return to the starting position. We perform the exercise rhythmically and monitor the posture.
The number of repetitions: 2–3 sets of 15 repetitions.
At the beginning of each approach, we change the leg.
Effective for the large gluteal muscles and thigh biceps.

Exercise 6. Lifting the legs to the side
Starting position: lying on the right side and leaning on the elbow of the right hand. Use your left hand to hold the dumbbell on the hip of the straightened left leg.
Technique: we raise the straightened left leg to the side (approximately 30 °).
The number of repetitions: 2-3 sets of 20 repetitions.
At the beginning of each approach, we change the direction.
Thus, this Beachbody workout is effective for the middle gluteus muscle.

Exercise 7. Leaning the bent leg to the side
Starting position: “cat’s position” – knee-elbow support. Keep your head and back straight. We rely mainly on the hands, not on the knees.
Technique: move the bent leg to the side, lifting it as high as possible. Do not forget to follow the posture and the position of the head.
The number of repetitions: 2-3 sets of 20 repetitions. At the beginning of each approach, we change the leg.
Effective for the middle gluteus muscle.

7 delicious products for the beach body

What is it, a beach body? Naturally, toned, slender with beautiful elastic muscles, a minimum of fat and … Stop dreaming! Fortunately, you can see all this magnificence in the mirror in just 21 days! If you include 7 products in your diet, it will help to remove edema, speed up metabolism and burn fat.

  1. Shrimps
    7 delicious products for the beach body in 21 day
    Replace shrimp with fatty beef and pork. Salads and soups with shrimps are also delicious.
    Shrimps, like any sea reptiles, are ideal for weight loss. A minimum of fat, a maximum of protein, a minimum of calories – this should be the food of a slimming girl. Remember, proteins are essential while doing Beachbody workout. Also, shrimp contain iodine – the very “secret element” due to the lack of which our thyroid gland “skips” hormone production, metabolism slows down and weight gains. Therefore, eat shrimp. 300-400 grams per day for a woman wearing sizes L, M, and at least 200 grams per day for more miniature girls.
  2. Salmon
    7 delicious products for the beach body in 21 day
    Salmon fish is fatty but healthy.
    It contains omega-3 fats, antioxidants necessary for health. These substances have a powerful antioxidant effect, slow down the aging process and make the skin glow as good as an expensive cream. In addition to that, omega-three accelerates the metabolism and helps the body to quickly adjust to fat loss if you are on a diet.
    For example, from 120 to 400 grams of salmon per day will pave the way for you to the beach body. In fact, the main thing is to use it without breading and without fat sauces.
  3. Low-fat cottage cheese
    7 delicious products for the beach body in 21 day
    Spread on a sandwich instead of cheese and butter – cottage cheese. You can turn it into a sandwich spread just by adding greens to it, or made into a tasty diet dessert, whipped in a blender with plums or berries. Cottage cheese is a good source of protein, which contains almost no “extra” carbohydrates, and gives the body prebiotic bacteria. The latter improve digestion and help you achieve “natural cleansing” no worse than expensive and unsafe slimming tea.
    With cottage cheese, you can prepare dietary office snacks, a light lunch, and a lazy dinner. Thus, go to work – throw a pack in your bag, you will not regret. How much cottage cheese I need to eat per day?
    150-200 g per serving, which would be good to fill with greens, garlic, basil, black pepper, and salt, or berries, fruit or half a banana. Also, It is possible to eat low-cottage cheese with a spoon of yogurt and ground cinnamon. Consequently, you will get an exciting taste.
  4. Dill
    7 delicious products for the beach body in 21 day
    Add dill to dishes instead of salt, soy sauce, seasonings with MSG. Remember that the main enemy of the beach body is not even insufficient muscle tone and fat layer, but banal edema. Besides, if after alcohol or salted fish you have “dimples” on your hips, do not rush to the diuretic. Just chop the fresh dill and add it to your breakfast and lunch.
    1-2 bunches per day, with any suitable dishes
  5. Celery stalk
    7 delicious products for the beach body in 21 day
    Instead of crunchy snacks and popcorn, you can chew celery. It crunches, refreshes, it is easy to cut. And this vegetable removes excess liquid and contains only 8-12 kcal per 100 g, which means it is an ideal low-calorie snack. Moreover, celery can be quickly eaten before bedtime, just taken with you to work, and excellent soups and salads are made with it. Eat it in any quantities, without restrictions. Also, you can eat celery during the break of your Beachbody workout!
  6. Cucumbers
    7 delicious products for the beach body in 21 day
    Instead of a side dish of potatoes or pasta, put sliced cucumbers. Cucumber produces the lowest-calorie salads. Add dill, natural yogurt and, say, an egg or some shrimp and get a low-calorie meal rich in protein.
    Cucumbers give the body the necessary moisture and trace elements, they contribute to the proper functioning of the muscles during exercise and do not allow the so-called slags in the intestine to “linger.” Eat them in any quantities. By the way, cucumbers help cleanse the skin.
  7. Plums
    7 delicious products for the beach body in 21 day
    Instead of sweet candies, chocolates and other things, eat fresh plums. A minimum of calories, light honey taste, a large amount of dietary fiber, which speeds up digestion, feeds on prebiotic bacteria and relieves constipation. To add, plums perfectly combined with cottage cheese, yogurt and even with white meat.
    300-400 g of plums per day, or more, if you usually carry them. To this end, replace these products with fatty meats, sweets, and rolls. Beach body you guaranteed.

Training by body type: choose your own!

Depending on your body type, some exercises will do you good, while others may be harmful! Our guide will help you figure out what is right for you. Our Beachbody workout is universal, but depending on your type of body, pay more attention and time to the indicated exercises and body parts.

Beachbody workout exercises for different types of body shape|2019
Body type: Triangle

The most common type of female figure: the lower part of the body is noticeably “heavier” than the top. If you gain weight – it is deposited mainly on the hips and buttocks, and almost never – on the back and waist. And if you drop pounds, according to the law of meanness, your face and chest lose weight first of all. And the pelvic area does not give up to the last.

Beachbody workout exercises for different types of body shape|2019

What do we train?
First of all – legs. Your favorite exercises should be lunges (you can – with weighting), squats and jumps (a sharp upward movement from a deep squat). As you read above, our Beachbody workout includes these exercises. If you prefer not free weights, but exercises on simulators, in training, do leg presses from a prone position, spreading and flattening your legs. And always do hyperextension, since good posture with a pear type significantly changes the overall impression. You will appear taller and slimmer, and your chest will seem bigger.

By the way, the figure of the type “triangle” – has Jennifer Lopez, Halle Bery, and Rihanna.

With this type of figure, the panacea is cardiovascular exercise. Strength exercises on the upper body and strength loads without weighting on the lower body are also important. Perhaps, the main thing here will be the systematic approach of our Beachbody workout. Cardio classes 2-3 times a week, power loads on the upper part of the body 3 times a week. But as for the lower body, simple exercises should be performed here. Various moves, exercises for the buttocks and thighs.

Nutrition by the type.
To lose weight, the girl “Pear” should really try hard. Because the buttocks and hips are those zones that lose weight very slowly, so you have to be patient. Enter into your diet tomatoes and tomato juice, it helps regulate metabolic processes.
Factory juices and soda contain a large amount of sugar. Carbohydrates, which with this type of shape is better to reduce. They must be replaced with fresh juices, fruits, and unsweetened homemade compotes.

Products to refuse:
– Potatoes and other starchy foods.
– White polished rice.
– Purchased mayonnaise and various sauces.
– Purchased juices and carbonated drinks.
– Fatty meats and fish.

Body type: Rectangle

In general, quite slim, you worry about the lack of waist: a common option with a figure like “rectangle”. If you get fat, the belly starts to bulge forward, as if you are in position. You will not believe, but it is with this type of figure to achieve the perfect body the easiest way.

Beachbody workout exercises for different types of body shape|2019

What do we train?
In the first place – the oblique abdominal muscles. Any twisting will be beneficial, Pilates and our Beachbody workout will help you to improve your body in a magical way! A system of Pilates exercises aimed at the formation of abdominal muscles and “core” – the body muscle groups. Good are the inclinations with dumbbells, exercises for the press by bringing the palm to the opposite leg. And if you want something original, go for anti-gravity yoga. Even with minimal physical training, you will correctly work out the waist. As for our Beachbody workout, it includes exercises with Fitball and Rock climber, that perfectly works on your abs. Train with our program, but focus on such activities. Remember, all twisting will benefit!

By the way, the figure of the type of “rectangle” – has Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Princess Diana.

For the type of “banana” fit the load of medium and high intensity. Just as well fit yoga or body flex – it will help keep your muscles in good shape. As for the various exercises for pumping oblique abdominal muscles or leaning to the sides (especially with weighting), “bananas” should completely abandon. Otherwise, this will lead to the expansion of the already unimpressed waist.

Nutrition by the type.
With regard to nutrition, girls “bananas” can afford almost any food and dishes. And without harm to the figure, and even chocolate and buns will not affect the hips or belly. In any case, you should not overeat fatty and not at all healthy foods. It can disrupt metabolism and lead to the emergence of various diseases.
– Give preference to vegetable fats (sunflower, olive, flax, and other oils).
– However, if the girl has a “banana” problem of excess weight, you should follow the daily rate of calories. In this case, you should not reduce it, you should just stick to it.
– It is also necessary to monitor the balance of nutrition and the amount of daily water consumption. Because the water balance has a significant impact not only on the figure but also on the whole organism.

Body type: Ball

Voluminous, massive breasts, full, protruding abdomen and at the same time slender legs and arms. This type of figure is quite common in women who have given birth and gained significant weight during pregnancy.

Beachbody workout exercises for different types of body shape|2019

What do we train?
Everything. To return to the figure of harmonious proportions, we need exercises for all muscle groups. The best option for the “apple” type of figure is high-intensity circular training. For example, Tabata, grit, our Beachbody workout or simply high-load exercises. As much as possible bends and practices aimed on the press and back muscles, careful study of the quadriceps of the thigh and the triceps. As a result, after a month or two you will notice how the excess volume goes, the waist is formed. But, at the same time, the figure maintains appetizing bends.

With regard to the abdomen, and in particular the pumping of the press. Here you need to clearly understand that pumping the press with the most effective exercises, you pump muscles, which is important. But it only slightly affects the fat. Consequently, to remove this very fat will help the corrected nutrition and cardio load as Beachbody workout. Finally, after the excess fat has come down your labors on pumping the press will be visible.

Nutrition by the type
With this type of figure, it is on nutrition that emphasis should be placed. Only reinforcing it with the influence of physical exertion. You should strictly monitor your diet, carefully calculating the daily calorie intake.

Fiber consumption. As a rule, the type of “Apple” has a slow metabolic process. As a result of problems with the digestive system, in order to correct this aspect, you should introduce fiber in your diet, as well as choose products that increase metabolic processes.
You should abandon a variety of protein diets. The best option would be to focus on dairy products and vegetables. For example, the diet of Kim Protasov.
Refusal of alcoholic, highly carbonated and sugary drinks. Perfect herbal and fruit teas.
Limiting the consumption of animal fats and replacing them with vegetable fats, in minimal quantities.
A variety of ginger teas and drinks will help to remove toxins from the body.

Recommended Products:
– Bran and cereal.
– Oatmeal or oatmeal.
– Legumes (lentils, beans, peas).
– Low-fat dairy products.
– Lean types of meat and fish.
– Seafood.
– Dried fruits.
– Citrus.
With all the variety of recommended foods should be aware of their caloric content. Then, this does not mean that you can consume lean kilograms of meat or oatmeal. You must remember about the daily rate of calories. And doing light Beachbody workout will be beneficial!

Body type: Inverted triangle

A teenage or boyish figure is mostly “got” tall and slender girls. And there is no way to rejoice, but usually, girls with this type of figure believe that they have too manly shoulders, too androgynous hips, and a generally non-sexual look.

Beachbody workout exercises for different types of body shape|2019

What do we train?
To increase the amount of muscle mass on the hips will help you bike or exercise bike. Combine it with an ellipse, Norwegian walking, and jogging. And the result of this training program on the type of figure does not take long.

Cameron Diaz and Anastasia Volochkova are vivid representatives of this type of figure.

In order to smooth the disproportion of the figure, you should focus on pumping the buttocks and thighs. Our Beachbody workout exercises aimed at glutes are the perfect solution! This can be a variety of lunges and squats. In the case of an “inverted triangle”, various weighting agents may be used when working on the lower part of the body.

As for the upper torso, it should not be overly burdened. Finally, this will lead to even greater disproportionality. It is necessary to perform low-intensity exercises with minimal weights and a large number of repetitions.

Nutrition by the type
In order to lose weight, this type of figure should focus on protein foods and complex carbohydrates. As well as to monitor the water balance and drink at least 1.5 liters of water.

Recommended Products:
– Lean meat and fish.
– Eggs.
– Dairy and dairy products.
– Cereal, bran, and flakes.

Body type: Hourglass

A dream figure! The only negative – with this type of build you are most inclined to be overweight. So, you can’t argue against genetics. Fully body evenly, but the “weight gain” of 5 kilograms is usually enough for the figure to “melt” …

Beachbody workout exercises for different types of body shape|2019

What do we train?
Just keep the body in good shape! A great training option for an hourglass body type is our Beachbody workout, swimming, dancing, step aerobics and other group activities aimed at all muscle groups, but without overburdening. Exercise for losing weight with an “hourglass” should be of low and medium intensity. For instance, it can be a variety of cardio, swimming, Pilates, yoga, body flex. To maintain muscle tone such workouts should be alternated with simple strength exercises without different weighting. During their execution, it is necessary to use only the weight of your own body.

The hourglass figure is a source of pride for Scarlett Johansson and Salma Hayek.
To eliminate excess body fat, a complex of corrected nutrition and intensive Beachbody workout training should be performed.

Nutrition by the type.
In the case of excess weight, girls with an hourglass figure should focus on fractional meals and reducing servings.
During weight loss should reduce the consumption of carbohydrates. Especially should limit the consumption of fast carbohydrates, which are immediately deposited at the waist.
Emphasis should be placed on protein foods containing small amounts of fat.

Products to refuse:
– Pastries and pastries.
– Sweets, including chocolate.
– Avocado.
– Fatty fish and meat.
– Fried and smoked dishes.
– Pasta.

Dear girls, whatever your figure, remember that with all its flaws you can cope with the help of sports, which should be an integral part of the life of any person who cares about their health.

Anthropometric features of some types of figures

  • Triangle – hips wider than shoulders more than 5%. For example, shoulder girth – 80 cm, waist girth – 85 cm and more.
  • Inverted triangle – the opposite of a triangle, shoulders/chest wider than the hips, more than 5%. For example, with a shoulder girth of 85 cm, the hip girth is 80 cm.
  • The rectangle — the shoulders, chest, and thighs — have similar anthropometry, and there is no waist. For example, shoulders 85 cm, chest 85, hips 89 cm (differences up to 5%), waist 70 cm and higher.
  • Hourglasses – shoulders, chest, and thighs have similar anthropometry, the waist is clearly expressed (60-65 cm).

Hourglass, of course, can triumph. This body shape is considered to be ideal and the most wanted among the women. Nature itself has bestowed upon them favorable proportions. But the rest should not be upset. After all, as American psychologists from the University of Nebraska found out, the male brain is designed in such a way that it perceives and assesses women not entirely, but piecemeal. And concludes that the stranger is attractive or not, the sum of the “indicators”. So, some kind of “carrot” or even “apple”, not to mention a “pear”, can “win” other “hourglass” at the expense of separate beautiful parts of the body. For example, chest, legs, buttocks, face.

So, every woman is beautiful, no matter what type your figure is. But still, if you want to improve your appearance, especially after the holidays – do sports. Our Beachbody workout is very effective and will undoubtedly bring your body into a beautiful shape.

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