Exercises on the bar and parallel bars are a fairly standard training set that is widely used both by beginners and professionals. It is due to its availability, as well as the effectiveness of it. When they used, you can pump hips, chest, shoulders, back, arms, and even tighten the press and buttock muscles.

Regular exercises, built on such principles, will help to create a genuinely ideal athlete’s body, as well as to lose weight. As for the venue for such training, the choice is merely huge. It can do at home (it is not difficult to install the appropriate projectile in the doorway), in the gym or the open air (you can find both the bar and the bars at any school stadium or in the yard of an apartment building).

The main recommendations for exercising on the bar and parallel bars

The classic option is doing pull-ups on the bar and squeegees on the bars, but this is far from a complete list of possible exercises that can do on them. Variety of general tightening can be a variation of the used grip.

There are the following types:

  • straight (fingers from oneself);
  • mixed (one palm directed from itself, the other to itself);
  • reverse (palms and fingers turned to themselves);
  • neutral (parallel);
  • average (the distance between the brushes is one width of the shoulders);
  • narrow (brushes at the closest distance);
  • wide (60 – 80 cm).

It is also important to note that before performing exercises on a bar, parallel bars it is necessary to warm up muscles and joints to prevent possible injuries. Also, it’s forbidden to make sharp movements, and all exercises (as lifting and lowering) carry out dimensionally and slowly. It allows you to perform all activities solely due to the strength of the muscles, and not the inertial movement.

To prevent injury, you must continuously monitor the technique of movement. The latter rule is very important since the primary load is on the joints, and damage them is simple, if not adhere to the correct technique. If we talk about the frequency of such training, then enough will be four lessons per week for beginners: two light and two higher complexity. About the number of approaches, they calculated according to the stamina and level of physical training.

Each of the exercises on the bar and parallel bars, which include in the complex, need to perform in 4 approaches with the highest number of repetitions. And to increase the intensity, the time between the criteria decreases with time, and their number increases.

Effective exercises on the bar and parallel bar
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