A lot of people would like to have an excellent stretch, because it can allow you to do an extensive range of different movements, like in dance or many different sports. Also, if you can do the splits, it will often give you some advantages in your everyday life. The desire of achieving visible results in this sphere is worthy of respect.

Of course, you can use the help of twine simulators to make a better stretch. But also, like others, these things require financial costs if you want to buy them, and sometimes even for operation. So, if you do not have an opportunity to purchase some specialised equipment, then you can try to get some significant results by performing specific pretty effective exercises.

They will allow you to develop a fantastic level of natural flexibility and you will also get a lot of other advantages. But it is essential to remember that exercises need to be performed on a regular basis and at an intensive pace. Only by doing this you will have a chance to achieve your desired results in the shortest time possible.

Some stages  for doing the splits

  • The first exercise which can help you to do the splits is bending one leg in front of yourself and straighten the other from behind.  You should stay in this position with the help of your hands, while your thighs need to be kept in a state of tension. It is necessary to try to sit as low as possible, but you should not feel the pain in a process. It is required to stay in this position for fifteen seconds or more. After this, repeat this exercise with another leg. Do 8-12 repetitions for each leg.
  • At the second stage, when you already have stretched your legs enough, you should start extending your hips. It is required to stand on your knee and straighten the other leg forward to do this. Put your hands on the floor, bend your hip and lean forward as low as possible, while trying leaning to your leg. Stay in this position for fifteen seconds or more. Then repeat this exercise with your other leg. In total, you need to perform it for about 8-12 times.
  • In the third stage, a stretch method similar to the one you have done in the second stage. However, it is considered to be better. You need to bend your leg from behind and then sit on it. The other leg should straighten forward while staying in this position and holding hands, lean your head down and try to feel the maximum tension. This exercise should be repeated the same way as the previous ones.
  • The final stage is the development of your ability to do the splits itself. While doing this exercise for the first time, try to help your body with your hands, which place on the floor. You need to sit lower in this position and try to stay like that for at least fifteen seconds. And, of course, repeat this exercise up to twelve times. You will be able to ultimately achieve your goal in a couple of months, without using twine simulators, with the help of daily execution of this training in the sequential mastering of each stage, and with a gradual change from easy exercises to the difficult ones.

Effective stretching exercises for doing the splits
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