Double chin: what causes it and how to fight with it. Let’s say “No” to the double chin and consider in details why many people face up with this problem nowadays. People who suffer from obesity face this problem, but there are also people with a perfect fit who have the double chin. It can ruin your attractiveness and impression of your appearance. There are specific exercises which help to fight with the double chin.

Experts tell that there are such reasons why this problem appears in the course of time our skin is not so elastic. The neck muscles become weaker, and it causes puckering.  Some doctors think that genetic disposition is the reason and double chin is passed on for generations.

There are also such reasons as overbite, strongly marked lower jaw bone, overweight and sudden loss of weight, malfunction of the thyroid gland and diabetes mellitus, improper posture and slouch, sleep on the incorrectly chosen pillow, unhealthy nutrition. But don’t be desperate and don’t tolerate this problem. Effective exercises will help you get a pretty face. To avoid sagginess of neck muscles and baggy chin, you should regularly do gymnastics.

You will soon see the result if you exercise every day for 15 minutes. These exercises are interesting especially for those who have a confining job. Gymnastics help to warm up back and neck muscles and gives eyes time to rest. If you do exercises for five minutes three times a day, you will soon get rid of double chin. Sometimes it is difficult to do gymnastics three times a day but it’s not a problem.

The main thing is that you train every day even if you do it only once a day. The most popular exercise for the tone of neck muscles and chin is dabbing. Walking with a book on your head will be useful too and it can also make your posture better.

Remember that some exercises are prohibited for those who have problems with the spine. Decoctions, masks, compresses and baths will be very useful. You can find the recipes for simple cosmetics yourself. Nettle, John’s wort, chamomile, linden and mint is often used as a basis of a homemade cosmetics. Also, don’t forget to do massage of neck muscles and chin.

What exercises can I do for a double chin? How can I lose weight on my double chin?
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