Healthy gymnastics: exercises which help to do away with low back pain. It is not as difficult as it seems to fight depression in the lumbar spine. You should avoid longtime staying in an uncomfortable position, overworking, try not to do something that can cause pain. It is possible to use painkillers, which are sold without a prescription if necessary.

However, you can only use the medication if you need it. If the pain is increasing, the easiest way to stop it and prevent the development of serious diseases will be doing the exercises which help to do away with low back pain. Gymnastics and physiotherapy exercises are by treatment of most diseases of the back for a good reason. They cause a rapid recovery and prevent the further development of diseases.

Training is elementary, and you can do them even at home without using any additional equipment. It is essential to keep track of your feelings during the workout, and you should stop exercising when you feel uncomfortable. However, it is necessary to continue being active otherwise inactivity may cause loss of flexibility of the spine, reduced tonus and endurance of the paravertebral muscles.

Most people know that there are specific exercises to do away with back pain that are easier to do than other. For someone, it is easier to do gymnastics standing, for you it may be more comfortable sitting or laying down. The doctor should choose therapeutic exercises, and he also should make recommendations about doing activities. Picking it yourself can not only be unsuccessful but can also aggravate your health.

Before the beginning of the training, the physiotherapist usually directs the patient to specific diagnostic tests. Then he makes the training system based on the results of the tests. You can train at home. Do not hesitate to ask the doctor if you do not understand how to do an exercise. It is necessary to inform the doctor if the pain increases and he help to understand the problem and correct the gymnastics complex.

Do not forget that in case of violation of the training technique, pain in the spine can only increase. Also, pay attention to some rules: do exercises fluently, without sudden movements and jerks. You should air out the room before training.

Each element is done not more than ten times at the fists practices. Then you can gradually increase the number of reps. Do this exercise breathing in.

Exercises for lower back pain. Healthy gymnastics
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