A set of activities for the back of the muscles. Proceeding further, we will consider a lesson that is associated with the lumbar spine.

Exercises can do in the sitting or standing position: 

  • Start with alternate tilting forward and backwards. The arms are located on the lower back. The position of the back is straight. Being in such a position, we begin to perform inclining, first forward, with each subsequent inclination we try to stretch the muscles of the lower back, then back, doing a neat tilt and swinging back and head. Next, consider exercises in which the main load goes to the spine.
  • In sitting position, we begin to incline forward. It’s recommended to do this exercise lying on the floor. Hands are on the side of the hips; straight legs somewhat slung apart. First, we make slopes to the right knee, then return to the original position, and respectively perform inclines to the left knee. As in most cases, when the spine does not let go, we respond to the springy movements, trying to stretch the muscles of the waist as much as possible.
  • Hold the arms raised upwards; we make inclination forward. Initial position: legs at shoulder width. Maintain the original location of the hands, lock your fingers and hold them over your head, while trying not to bend your knees. Being in that position, start to lean back. Lean towards a place where the spine no longer allows you to turn, try diligently to perform a couple of oscillatory movements to bend even more.
  • Hands raised up, sloping to the side. In the standing position, the left arm lower, the right raised up. We perform the slopes to the left, while we strive to get the fingertips of the left hand to the leg. Without changing position, we try to bend aside as low as possible, while performing the necessary oscillatory movements.Then do all of the above, but with the left hand lifted up. Once you perform the above exercises, relax a bit for each of your spine’s departments. One way to do this is to perform breathing exercises. Alternate exercise complex, perform tasks for the lower spine. The range of activities we offer you should practise gradually.

Effective exercises for the lower back
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