Here are some workout games that will help you to improve your fitness. These activities will give you some fun and physical benefits at the same time. An excellent option is competitive sports. However, training based on play is an equally beneficial alternative. The main reason to convert training into a game is to encourage and exercise.

Here are five Fun Cardio Workout Games

  • Use a Simple Baloon and get Fit

If you are alone, you can do many training exercises. But if you want to exercise an have fun at the same time, a balloon is enough.
Taking a balloon, make regular movements that challenge your balance and your core. Make sure you increase the degree of difficulty in the actions. Make the increase be gradual and try to introduce unpredictable changes.

Situate yourself a few feet from a wall. Then, try bouncing the ball against the wall and hold it after each bounce. Make sure to plant your feet firmly on the ground.

Once you have achieved this, try bouncing the ball but in different positions: on foot, on a squat, for example.

Increase the degree of difficulty by doing a crab walk and by stretching a hand or a leg up. Always try keeping the ball in the air as you move.

  • Benefits:

While making position changes (Squat, lunge, crab walk), you force the core to stabilise your body. In this way, you are working your abs in each exercise.


  • Playing with Cards

This game, with the most tortuous part (doing isometric holds of squats and lunges), distracts the player with a goal to accomplish.

Through different movement patterns, we can test our competence. For example, we can lean to one side to try to catch a card, and thus we test our balance and coordination and the mastery of that position.
This exercise favours the ability to use strength.

You only need a deck of playing cards and a partner to perform it.

Stand with your partner together a few feet away from each other. One of the players holds the cards. Both players start from a split-squat position. Take a big step forward with your right leg, descending as you step forward until the left knee almost touches the ground. Both knees should form straight angles with your right knee above.

The player with the deck must throw a card at a time in the area of his partner. The other player must catch the cards, but being careful to maintain the lunge position. He must move to the right, and the left reaching up and down. Try to catch five or ten cards. After a break switch legs. Alternate roles.

You can play by doing other exercises. For example, you can try to maintain a specific position or with the knee raised or some different. For higher intensity, both players can move to the left and to the right trying to throw and catch at the same speed.

  • Benefits:

This game is ideal to exercise balance and stability and prepare for unexpected position shifts, so it is recommended for specific sports and helps reduce the risk of injury.

  • Obstacle Races

An excellent way to encourage others to a career is to create stakes. For example, the winner chooses a place to dine, and those who lose will have to pay for dinner.

Once the participants agree, an appropriate place is chosen to carry out the obstacle race. Be sure to include elements that work as obstacles such as chairs, tables, and all kinds of obstacles that require jumping, running, crawling, etc.

You will need space, obstacles (for what you may use tables, chairs, balls), and a watch.

  • Benefits:

The start-stop movements plus the sprint demand a high-intensity work and can wear you out in a short time.

As an additional difficulty (and therefore greater benefit) you can add the crab walk to the race. You can also try other variations such as reaching one arm forward while holding the position and returning the hand to the ground. Alternate with the other side.

  • Another exercise to Practise with Children

An excellent alternative to practice with children is to create a treasure box at home. Fill the box with pieces of paper, each with an activity written on it. Once a day, a child chooses a piece of paper from the chest, and the rest of the family is actively involved.

You may use a sheet, like using a parachute to create ripples and bring it down to house size.

You will need a sheet, open space and one or three children.

Extend the sheet, and each participant should grab it with both hands. Make waves in the sheet, small at the beginning and large later. Do waves with one hand first, then with the other and then with both.

You can also try the following, that one of the participants raise his arms upwards to make a parachute, and before it touches the ground, one of the other participants must run from one side to the other under the sheet.

Then, they should turn the sheet onto a sledge. Children sit on one side of it while being dragged. Firs,t try to pull with one arm, you can walk in any direction while pulling. Each participant must do the same.

  • Benefits:

When you ripple with the sheet is like a sprint for your arms. Like the rope training for interval cardio. When practising the sledge, it is ideal for the legs and arms and core.

  • Use Cups to have a Party

You can play this exciting game with cups, cones or plastic cups. It is a simple game that will entertain you.

On the other hand, this game is ideal to relax from stress.

You will need a stack of cones or plastic cups. At least three per person.

From 1 to 1,000 people to play.

To play, you must first place the cups or cones around a large, open area. Then form two teams with the players. One group will be tippers, and the other one will have to stand the cups back up. Time should be set for about one minute and send the teams to play. The group that has gathered most cups in its position will be the winner. Finally, they should do everything again.

  • Benefits:

When you play this game you run and move while changing directions, what provides ideal physical conditioning to prevent injuries. On the other hand, the alternation of work of high intensity and rest, make it an interval cardio game that helps burn fat effectively. All this, not to mention the benefit of strengthening the butt, the quadriceps, hamstrings and the core.

Conclusion: Playing a simple game you can improve your cardio significantly, instead of sticking to a monotonous routine

You can work more than you think when you have fun doing an activity. Something very peculiar is that people usually smile after having finished an exercise, but not during the execution of it. However, when you are playing, you often laugh at the same time, and this helps you concentrate on the game and forget about other problems.

For example a relay race. The participants can do six runs of 60 yards each one if they are not told anything about it. However, if you ask them to make that amount of sprints at that distance, they will hesitate to do so. There is much more likely that you will do and enjoy an exercise that is effective, easy, injury-free and fun. The results may surprise you. It will be enough to follow the rules of each game. You do not need a coach to tell you how to play.

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