The gym has already become a residence for some people, others have just started visiting it, the third now merely think about joining. However, it is a nightmare for first-year students, who are not experienced yet and are ignorant of some gym&fitness stuff. Let’s look into this situation. The most popular belief is that the person with extra kilos who has already come to the gym will attract everyone’s attention. It makes no sense because everyone goes to the gym with personal self-developing and bettering purpose, but not to observe the others. They are more interested in the number of burnt calories, sets done and own success.

The next common mistake is self over-evaluating. The case when the person starts lifting hand weights and doing complicated exercises after visiting the gym for just a couple of times is also widespread. The result of such behaviour – injuries and problems with health. Usually, the reason for it is the other popular among gym newcomers failure – the refusal from coach assistance. If you do not want to pay for personal coach services, at least ask him or her to prepare a fitness and nutrition program for you. It is obligatory and cheaper.

As we have already mentioned, the results are practically impossible without a diet. The last but not the least the freshmen have to know before coming to the gym is the culture of communication and unwritten laws that reign there. The most important one is to tidy up. After using sports equipment always put it in the place you took it. If you were working with a barbell and loaded it with weight plates, you also should remove them, too. Besides, if you have any fitness-related questions, you may ask everyone, but not when they are doing a set.

If you take into account all the recommendations, you will understand that gym is not something that threatens. Moreover, the community of sports amateurs is amiable and will be glad to welcome everyone willing to join.

What do you have to know about girl’s gym workout?

For the last time, more and more women observe sports as one of the possible ways of body correction and health improvement. And this is a reasonable tendency compared to plastic surgery, which has a lot of cons and adverse outcomes. Going in for sport is relatively straightforward: all that you have to do is go to the gym and mention proper exercises’ implementation. Visiting gym three times per week and spend at least 1-1.5 hours there is the best solution. However, you may go there twice a week, but control loads strictly and do some exercises at home, too. Only then the desired effect will be reached.

If a girl visits gym three times a week, 10-20 reps of the set will be enough. In case of 2-times-a-week subscription – 25-30 reps of the game. Adding home workout will make you achieve the fitness goal quicker. Besides, do not forget about regularity.

The other important but often neglected thing is a warm-up. It’s something that prepares the muscles for loads; without the heating, the chances of injuries are higher. As a warmup, you may use treadmill or exercise bike for 5-10 minutes. However, stretching will be the best choice. Remember, the warmup is successful is the body temperature has increased by one degree. In the gym do not ignore cardio exercises, as they are good fat-fighters and heart muscles stimulators. Mention the tempo of the first training. Increase the loads gradually.

Be careful with the level of fatigue – if you workout tire, you won’t reach results, you will harm your health. The first symptoms of exhaustion and overdriving are dizziness and heavy breathing.

Gym workout tips for women who starting trainings
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