Essential tips which will help you get fit and improve your health. You should follow this common but efficient advice to keep healthy and reduce the likelihood of diseases.

  1.  Eat small portions, not more than 200-300g at one go. It allows you not to stretch your stomach which will demand more and more food, and to digest it in time without overstraining the digestive system.
  2. Stop eating fast-food and ready-to-cook food, chips, snacks and salted nuts. You should forget about mayonnaise because there is 60g of fats in 100g of mayonnaise and it’s your daily dose.
  3. You should also remember about soda water and drink only mineral water; it may sweeten by stevia. If you want something sweet, eat just black chocolate but not more than 50g and only until 12 am.
  4. Add sunflower, linseed, olive oil or low-fat sour cream to the salad. You can also try lemon juice, but that’s not for everyone.
  5. Eat less fried food and more boiled, steamed and cooked on the grill in its juice.
  6. Eat fruits during the first part of a day, because they consist of sugar and eating it in the evening won’t help you keep fit.
  7. Fat-free yoghurt, kefir, salad, fish, boiled meat, cottage cheese or stewed vegetables will be suitable for late supper.
  8. Soups, broths, vegetables, fruits or cooked meat will be the perfect option for dinner.
  9. Cereals, whole wheat bread, nuts or plants will be a good breakfast. You can even eat some sweets but only 1-2 times a week.
  10. Don’t skip your lunch, because it’s the most important meal. If you jump it, you won’t stop yourself from eating something fat or high-carbon before dinner.
  11. Your body is ready for physical exercises from 17:00 till 22:00.
  12. Run in the morning or go to the gym in the evening, if you don’t have enough time, do press-ups, do abdominal crunches or crouch at home.
  13. If you gain weight, but nothing can help you include cheating in your training but not more than four times a month.
  14. Arrange fasting days 1-2 times a week but not two days in a row.
  15. Grapes and bananas are rich in carbohydrates and calories, so forget about them, but if you very want those, you can eat small portions once a week.
  16. Eat fewer potatoes and more cereals.
  17. Drink coffee without sugar and cream, tea without sugar too. If you need the sweet taste so much, you can add honey.
  18. It is necessary to eat small portions 5-6 times a week.
  19. You should feed your last meal 3 hours before going to bed. After that, you can drink water, fat-free kefir, milk, tea, eat cottage cheese.
  20. You can drink water 20 minutes before the meal or 40 minutes after eating because if you drink while having lunch, water takes away stomach acid and produce him again and again. This tense your stomach.
  21. To improve your metabolism, drink 300 ml of water with lemon juice 20 minutes before breakfast.
  22. Refrain from drinking alcohol, and you can drink only wine but not much.
  23. Drink 2-3 litres of water (34 ml to 1kg of weight) during a day.
  24. Do not forget about good sleep, 7-8 hours a day will be enough.

Health and fitness tips. 24 very effective advice
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