You can build a fit and beautiful body, but after accomplishing that you need to maintain it and keep it in the same condition as before because your achieved results will go to vain if you return to the previous lifestyle and nutrition. However, now we will talk about another thing, more accurate, what exercises and diets to choose for losing weight.

To obtain a beautiful body only your desire is not enough (though it also needs to be), you also need to do something.

Some advice from me that can help you with this challenging task

1. To achieve results, you need to combine exercises and diets for losing weight. If you focus only on the nutrition – results will stay not long enough, in training – may not appear at all.

2. It is better to train in the morning, at this time the metabolism in your body is working on its best. And also, the training in the evening can significantly disturb your sleep.

3. Do not overdo your exercise, 20 minutes a day is enough.

4. the key to success is proper breathing technique. You need to keep an eye on it always, and especially during your training.

5. You should not exercise right after eating. Wait at least for an hour after your last meal. The same rule goes for the nutrition after training. If we talk about a quick receipt for the result, even in this case you need to revise your food system, excluding from the menu all harmful high-calorie products.

For even more noticeable results, you can have unloading days. For example, once a week eat only apples or drink kefir. In this case, you can eat boiled rice, which will also purify your body, or cooked chicken fillet, that is also very good. Those days you are allowed for drinking only water and green tea without sugar.

It is essential to say, that when you combine exercises and diets for losing weight, the latter should not be too strict, it can lead to exhaustion of your body and a total decline in strength.

To prevent such cases, while preparing a diet, consider some of these rules:

  • completely exclude from your menu all of the products that can cause fermentation (grapes, sugar, yeast baked goods, etc.);
  • refuse all the alcohol;
  • the basis of your diet should only consist of fruits, sour-milk products, vegetables, lean fish and meat;
  • all of the products should be eaten raw, cooked or steamed;
  • fractional and separate meals should become standard for you.

These rules are relatively simple; they should become the basis of your nutrition not only for the period while you were dieting. The human body quickly gets used to different conditions and, if you change all your taste preferences to the right ones, it will not only stop the demand of harmful products after some time but also will say «thank you» with an excellently fit body and beautiful state of your health.

Highly effective exercises and diets for losing weight
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