Exercising at home is an excellent way to keep fit. You do not need to go to the gym, but the body will have beautiful curves and will be slim. Better train in the morning after waking up to avoid insomnia and be energetic throughout the day.

First of all, you should prepare a space for training, namely to ventilate the room where you will workout and lay a comfortable mat to begin training. The next step is analysing your physical fitness. You should take a comfortable position, sit and relax. Think about something calm and pleasant for you, such meditation takes only 5 minutes, but it will prepare you for training. Then you need to identify the number of heartbeats for a minute.

To do it calculate your pulse for 15 minutes and multiply it by four after that do 20 deep squats in 30 minutes. And if the adaptability of your heart is excellent, so the frequency of the pulse will return to the starting one in 2-3 minutes. Unaccustomed to physical loads person’s rate of the vibration should not be more than 150-180 beats a minute and will return to the starting in 10 minutes. Then we go to our goal step by step. If you don’t want to have pain in muscles on the next day, you need to warm-up. It will be good to run for 10 minutes but remember that you are at home, so your neighbours will not appreciate your striving for superiority. So we can advise to run softly in the room or jog in place.  After 10 minutes of running, we switch to a step, catch the breath and measure the pulse. Then we do each exercise 8-10 times.

When the muscles are ready for strengthening, we lie on the belly on a comfortable mat, hands aside, palms down. We lift the right leg and lower it to the right and the left. Then we do the same with our left leg.

Fitness complex doing at home

  1. Let’s continue. You are again on the floor with your belly down, bend your hands with palms to the floor at the level of the chest. Resting on the floor, straighten hands, turn the back, lift the trunk and bend head back.
  2. Next step: turn over to the back and bend your legs. Then straighten legs at the 45-degree angle and low them to the floor.
  3. Turn over to the side, rest legs on the floor in front of the chest and behind the back. Firstly, do circling with straightened right leg, then turn over to the other side and do the same with left leg.
  4. Again lie on the back, hands on the nape, bend legs in the knees, feet pulled to the hips. Lift hips as high as you can, it will be perfect if you can make bridge stand. Again lie on the back.
  5. Lie on the belly, lift straightened legs in turn.
  6. Again lie on the back, put the hand at the waist. Lift trunk to the sitting position without the help of the sides.
  7. Stay on the back, hands on the nape, bend legs in the knees and lift them. Remember your childhood and move legs like on the bicycle.
  8. We will finish the home training with the stretching. Sit on the mat and straighten legs. Stretch hands to the forefoot. If you cannot do it, then stretch as far as you can. Back is straighten and slowly bend forward it will be perfect when you touch knees with your forehead.

That’s all. Now we need to write in big red letters “I WILL TRAIN THREE TIMES A WEEK”! And hang it in the place where you often are. These are the main principles of training. There is a long way to the perfect fit, but the effect will surpass all expectations.

Home training. 8 simple exercises to do at home
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