Firstly I have to say that you can’t get rid of a belly by just doing exercises. An optimal option is switching between force training and cardio. In addition to the home program, you have to include diet, which will allow controlling the number of consumed calories. In days, when you work out, you have to remember specific rules: don’t eat after 7 PM; don’t eat anything 2 hours before and 3 hours after the training; don’t eat junk food and fast food.

Principles of separate feeding will help you not to feel limitations in the diet because a rich list of allowed foods will allow you to prepare a lot of delicious and most important healthy dishes. Before the start of training, it is desirable to purchase a specialised sports equipment, which will be a universal assistant in weight loss. Of course, your weight can act as a load, but the training process will be much more useful if you have several special sports equipment. To ensure a sufficient level of aerobic exercise, you will need a step-platform or a small bench and jump rope.

Exercises for home training

Exercises for back and abs can be done on home simulators or with the help of gymnastics roller, hoop, bench for the press. But pay attention, when working with professional simulators, they require to observe safety precautions. The court allows you to perform a variety of exercises that clean the abdomen, aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back, press, chest. While exercising, you can use dumbbells as an additional load.

When choosing a bench for the media, you need to pay attention to the quality of assembly, as well as the presence of a lever for adjusting the angle of the slope, the change of which will allow each segment of the press to work separately. A gymnastics roller is a beautiful home simulator. A compact, affordable and convenient roller helps to develop the muscles of the shoulder girdle, back and, of course, the press.

Performing exercises, it is essential to monitor the amplitude of movements. For an unprepared organism, a premature increase in the load can cause injury. At home, exercises that clean the belly can perform with the help of a hoop.

Choosing models equipped with massage rollers, you can increase the effectiveness of the training. But remember that after spending the hula-hoop you can have bruises. It’s worth mentioning that the presence of fat layer more than 1 centimetre, it will be difficult to achieve a flat belly. In this case, before performing exercises that clean the stomach, you will need to lose weight.

An excellent solution to this problem will be cardiovascular equipment. This equipment helps to lose weight and at the same time strengthen all the muscles of the body. The most common variants of home cardiovascular equipment are a treadmill, an exercise bike and an ellipsoid.

Home training: how to get rid of a belly ache fast?
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