Specialists recommend training on an empty stomach. Otherwise, nausea and a feeling of discomfort will disturb you. Also, it is much more difficult to do exercises with a full stomach. It is better to workout 2 hours after eating. Girls will need a smooth and hard surface to do abdominal crunches. The soft cover is useless, and it increases the possibility of spine trauma. For the beginning, 15 reps will be enough otherwise you will exhaust your body and slow down the results.

Experts do not recommend to do abdominal crunches every day. It is essential to find a balance between training and relaxing so that your organism won’t relax too much but at the same time won’t be too exhausted. You should train every other day. During the curse and two days after them, women are not recommended to do sports. Every training should start with a warm-up. Any physical activity that will help prepare the body for exercising is suitable. You can jump, run on the place, do exercises or some aerobics movements.

Girls should do abdominal crunches on the gym mat and make sure that there are no drafts in the room. If you do sports at home; you can improve the results by changing the load on isolated muscles. It is necessary to lift shoulder bones from the floor trying to strengthen the upper abdominals to bring it as close as possible to the knees. Hands placed on the back of the head. Make efforts while breathing out. To work out lower abdominal do the lifts of straightening legs.

When you only start doing sports, you can do the lifts of the bent legs to reduce the load. You should also regularly work out oblique abdominal muscles. Bend your legs in the knees and put your feet on the floor. Trying to touch your heels with hands, lift the shoulder bones from the surface. Or you can do twists. To do this raise your legs up and alternately lower them to each side, which is perpendicular to the trunk.

Also, remember a few more exercises to strengthen abdominals for girls at home, which will help you to do it effectively: twisting, touching the shoulders, bicycle and others. The description of any of the exercises, as well as photo and video materials, you can find on the Internet in free access.

Exercises for the abdominal muscles: why should we train them?

Nowadays many people are interested in how to get rid of sagging sides and belly, quickly make it flat and tight to look like the models. Everything is straightforward: to get the perfect fit you should sign up for the training in the gym. The exercise should be regular. You can also download training programs from the Internet and train at home so that you won’t be distracted from your business. Representatives of different cultures at all times had their ideas about female beauty.

For example, a voluptuous figure was a sign of wealth and well-being in the past. Soldiers who returned home from the front also wanted to see voluptuous statistics because they had seen enough exhausted and thin women during the war. Therefore, in ancient times nobody was interested in fitness. You can also pay attention to the eastern belly dancers who indeed must have a small belly.

They don’t need to do abdominal crunches because they control their weight with the help of dancing. But nowadays a slim body without excess fat and sagging sides are more attractive. And it is a compact and tightens up but not painful thinness. It is not necessary to exhaust yourself with diets, to give up eating tasty food, to drain the body with sports training. It is enough to devote some time to a set of practical exercises for the abdominal muscles several times a week to get fit and then keep it.

Why should women do this exercises?

Imagine the situation: you went to the shop and bought the products and then put them in a package. You put tomatoes at the bottom, and you place eggs above them. Then you shake the bag, and you see that the products have changed places so that the omelette turned out. If you were attentive at the school lessons of anatomy, then you know how the human skeleton looks and how the internal organs are located. The lungs and the heart are located in the upper part of the body, so they are safely hidden behind the ribs.

Everything that is located below is in a free position. If the girl forget about her fit, some organs will simply go down, which forms the belly. So it is extremely important that the sides and abdominal muscles are strong and elastic to create support for the internal organs. The quicker you start doing exercises the better it is for you. Remember, tighten up stomach is not only for beauty but it is also important for health. It is necessary that the internal organs are in their place for good blood supply. If you have a strong abdominal muscles before pregnancy, you will not be afraid of stretch marks, and you will quickly get your fit back after childbirth.

How to do abdominal areas for girls at home?
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