What is Kegel exercise and what exercises can perform at home? It is known that any muscles of our body need to be always in tone, which allows you to function properly throughout the body. It turns out that intimate muscles are not an exception to this rule. Today the Kegel exercise exercises have become very popular, which allow a woman to feel desirable for her husband and to comprehend new facets of sexual relations.

Kegel exercise is the independent training of intimate muscles, in which no help added. By performing a specific set of practices and vibrations, a woman can control her vaginal muscles. The sexual partner will like the following innovations, and the trainee himself can forget about all sorts of urinary problems forever. Today, in many cities, individual schools, volunteer training schools are organised. But this art is subject to any woman without the assistance of a teacher at home.

The best exercises for vibration for beginners are Kegel’s exercises. With their help, you can learn how to feel the muscles that you are going to put on training. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out one action at a time, namely: stopping of urination for a couple of seconds. It will be the first step before learning how to relax and strain the muscles needed at the right time. The next step is compression with compression of muscle data throughout the day. In the day, this action should be carried out up to a half thousand times.

It will even allow you to achieve the desired state that will surprise your partner in the evening. Also, and due to this, the urethral sphincter and vaginal muscles are trained, which will significantly facilitate the birth process in the future. What other effective exercises can I do at home?

Firstly you need to lie on your back and relax. The hands extend over the seams, the legs bend, with their feet located along the width of the shoulders. During the exercise, you must lift and lower the pelvis four times. After a while, this task should repeat.

The next exercise is very similar to the previous one. When it should remain in the same position, but when the pelvis rise, strain the muscles of the vagina and sphincter for half a minute. This procedure performed nine times. Next, you should lift the pelvis and tighten the hips from the sphincter muscle. In this case, the foot should arrange together. This exercise is performed 25 times.

How to do kegel exercise? Why are kegel exercises good?
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