How to get fit? 20 fitness tips for lazy people. Everyone wanted to take care of himself, his appearance, to go
to the gym and make his life better at least once. The most challenging thing is to start going into sport. However, prepare yourself continue is also not the most straightforward task, especially if you don’t see a desirable result.

This 20 tips will help those people who are lazy and those who are always looking for a reason to skip training

  1.  Train in the morning.
    Start your day with training. Reasons like “I’m exhausted after a difficult day” or “I’m late for my training because of traffic jams” won’t be rational at all.
  2. Less is more
    The short-lasting but the intense workout is always better than long one during which you will be exhausted, and you will make yourself do exercises. No good comes of such training, and you will give up sport very soon.
  3. Combine training
    Combine cardiovascular exercises with strength exercises. 30 minutes of workout will take less time and will be more effective.
  4. Do exercises during a commercial break.
    Even watching TV can be beneficial to you. Do some exercises instead of going to the fridge to make a sandwich during the commercial break.
  5. Do exercises lying
    It’s not a secret that lazy people like lying in bed. So you can combine business with pleasure: look for tasks which can be done lying on the floor or even in bed in the morning after waking up. Moreover, we have already found them for you.
  6. Get ready for morning training in the evening
    Pack your stuff in advanced. The next day you won’t run around your home before going to the gym because you forget where your sneakers and gym clothes are. You definitely won’t be late, and the risk of leaving something important at home will be minimal.
  7. Workout with friends
    Doing exercises together is much funnier than alone so buy a season ticket with your best friend. You will always have a person who will remind you that there is a training today. And refuse to will be more difficult because no one wants to be a loser in the friend eye.
  8.  Walk more
    Don’t use public transport or your car if you can go on foot or by bicycle. What can be better than walking in fresh air and getting rid of excess calories at the same time?
  9. Have a snack before training
    Never workout in an empty stomach. There are many recipes for light and healthy meals which you can eat before exercise. It will give you strength and energy.
  10. Don’t hurry
    Rely on your strength. Don’t take serious weights immediately and don’t do lots of wraps. Start with less and gradually increase loads.
  11. Train not only in the gym.
    Try to exercise in everyday life. Rise on your toes while standing in the queue or do some exercises while brushing teeth. Try to take advantage of every situation for your health.
  12. Turn the training into a habit
    Try exercising every week on the same days. In the course of time workout will be your practice and it will be such a pleasant activity as watching movies in the cinema.
  13. Drink more water
    A person should drink at least 2 litres of water per day. It’s important to drink pure water, not tea, juice or other liquid. The more you drink, the better you burn calories.
  14. Train for 10 minutes
    Run-arounds that you don’t have time for the gym are not working now. There are lots of 10 minutes of training for which you can always find the time. They are also effective.
  15. Caffeine is going to help you
    Have you decided not to go to the gym because of being sleepy all the day? Make a coffee or green tea, and it will immediately lighten you up and give you power for the workout.
  16. Encourage yourself
    Every lazy person has motivation. Allow yourself to eat a small piece of cake (pay attention to word small) after training or to go to the club with friends on weekends if you haven’t skipped any practice. The higher aim you have, the better award you get.
  17. Train with small weights
    You won’t get rid of overweight doing only cardiovascular exercises. You will wait for the desired result for a long time without strength exercises. If you are afraid of some activities, you can start with something more comfortable, for example, small dumbbell, 0,5kg for girls and 2kg for boys.
  18. Refresh your social networking accounts
    Follow the accounts of famous athletes and fitness models. Their photos will always remind you that sky is no limit.
  19. Find a couch
    Photos which motivates you are right, of course, but it will be better to find such a person in the gym. Find a private lounge or perfect fitness instructor who will be an example for you and turn the gym from the boring activity into your hobby.
  20. Sleep
    It’s necessary to sleep about 7-9 hours for the full recovery of a body. It’s an excellent reason for those who can’t wake up with an alarm clock and like lie in bed extra half an hour.

How to get fit and healthy? 20 fitness tips for lazy people
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