The main problem of women breasts is that it does not contain muscles, that is, in essence, it cannot pumped through training. However, the breasts support the pectoral muscles that located in the lower chest. How to get right breasts with the help of exercises? If you emphasise them during training, you can significantly improve the tone of the breast, make it more high and elastic, which, in turn, will give the effect of increasing the chest.

According to experts, swimming is the best sport to create an ideal bust. But in the gym, and at home, you can recreate the movements that are performed in the pool and have a wonderful effect.

Program-minimum exercises to increase the breast

  1. Mermaid This exercise mimics the load in the pool. We have to get up straight, lean forward and do movements that resemble the swimming style of “breaststroke”. Pay attention to your feelings – you should feel the tension in the chest muscles. Exercise requires 15-20 repetitions.
  2. Soldier Jane Push-ups is considered one of the most effective exercises to increase the bust. In doing so, it advises to do it like men, as soldier Jane from the famous film with Demi Moore. Yes, you need to press without getting up on your knees, in the position of focusing on your hands and feet. Remember that the back and legs should be a straight line, the hands should be at the width of the shoulders. The norm for this exercise is 10-16 times. In this case, if you are uncomfortable with the difficulty, you can press, leaning on a low platform or even a wall.
  3. Sleeping Butterfly An exercise with an intriguing name is performed like that: stand, place your hands on the waist, try to put elbows behind your back, make slow, smooth movements. In a consolidated position, your elbows should hold for about 10-15 seconds. Make 8 repetitions.
  4. Grabbing the palms Lifting your palms and pushing them hard, you can also bring the pectoral muscles to a tone. This exercise to increase the bust has several variations. However, the starting position is always the same. It is necessary to get up straight, to raise arms at the level of the chest and to touch the palms. Compress them, with force, and hold the tension for 5-10 seconds, then relax your hands. You can squeeze a tennis ball in your hand to make the exercise more comfortable. Repeat 8-10 times.

Regular repetition of these exercises will allow you to create a beautiful breast shape. The main thing is not to be lazy and work out every day (or at least every second day).

How to get good breasts with the help of exercises
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