How to get rid of belly fat without exhausting diets? Exclude from your bread, flour, sweet, fat and spicy (that excites an appetite) food. Switch to a fractional food: 4-6 times a day and eat little portions. Include more vegetables and greens in your diet. Do not even think of starving, that dropped weight will come back quickly as soon as you start eating again, which is very bad for your health. Also, Arab dances help to lose excess weight and strengthen muscles. Someone pumps up the press; someone wraps the hoop around his waist. Look for what you like and do not wait for quick results. Good luck!

How to lose weight, what required for accomplishing this?

First, it is necessary to reduce the caloricity of your ration significantly. Limit the consumption of fast food as much as possible. Remember that one gram of fat after digestion in the cells of our body gives twice as many calories as one gram of carbohydrates or proteins. The less fat food there are in your diet, the higher chances for you to lose weight at home in just one week. Limit yourself for a small piece of butter for sandwiches or cooking porridge and one or two spoons of vegetable oil for a salad with vegetables (also don’t eliminate the fat from your diet, this can lead to metabolic disorders and problems with health).

Secondly, completely forget about all kinds of sweets and confectionery. These products also have a reasonably high caloricity while containing a lot of sugar. This carbohydrate is very well absorbed in your body, and excessive intake contributes to the rapid formation of extra body weight, so if you want to lose weight in a week, it’s better to eliminate all sweets from your diet altogether. It’s enough to take one or two small spoons of sugar that contain in a cup of tea or coffee. If you like to drink tea quite often at home or in a workplace, then better enjoy them without sugar.

Third, try to have dinner no later than 6 or 7 pm. In this case, calories from the food in your body will have some time to be entirely consumed and won’t be in forms like excess fat tissues. If you’re at home and unbearably want to eat before going to bed, then remember that eating a late dinner is very helpful in increasing weight of your body and the appearance of some “extra” kilograms. If you want to lose weight in a week for at least couple of kilograms limit yourself to consumption of a glass of skimmed yoghurt at night – it won’t allow your stomach to remain empty and eliminate hunger, providing your body with a protein and, at the same time, won’t bring a large number of calories.

How to lose weight in a week?

You can sit on a cabbage diet:

  1.  This diet refers to hard diets.
  2. It is difficult to sustain a diet (especially for those who used to eat a lot of food).
  3. You can eat only at a particular time.
  4. The daily caloricity of the diet varies between 800-900 kcal.

For a diet, try to buy different varieties of cabbage to diversify it. All kinds of cabbage do not exceed 45 calories in 100 grams.

The diet with the cabbage for the whole week:

  • Morning – green tea without sugar
  • Lunch – a salad with fresh cabbage and carrots, dressed with lemon juice or olive oil. Plus a piece of 200 grams of boiled chicken or fish.
  • Evening – fresh salad with cabbage, fruits (except banana), one quail egg. Before going to bed (before 2 hours), you can drink a cup of skimmed yoghurt. In addition to that, to diversify the diet, salad with cabbage can be replaced with the cabbage soup.

Celery soup to get rid of belly fat

Celery soup for weight loss is an indeed a magical product, which you can cook regularly. Celery, in its composition, contains oxalic, butyric, acetic acids, vitamins, sodium. With the help of celery, you can rejuvenate the body. For food is used only the root of celery.

If you eat a celery soup for losing some weight, then the duration of that diet should be at least fourteen days. Don’t forget to add proteins to your diet, eat more grey vegetables and drink a lot of non-carbonated water (mineral).

Celery soup – recipe. To make soup with celery, you will need:

  • the root of celery – 200 gr,
  • the loaf of a cabbage (small),
  • onions (white or blue) – 6 pcs,
  • carrots – 600 gr,
  • pepper Bulgarian (green) – 2 pcs,
  • tomatoes – 6 pcs,
  • green beans (green),
  • greenery,
  • tomato juice – 1.5 litres.

Mill all the ingredients and flood them with tomato juice. If juice doesn’t cover all vegetables, then add some water. After boiling soup, leave it for 10 minutes to languish on low heat. The daily portion of the soup should divide into three parts.

The menu of the celery weight loss method:

  • The first day. During the day, soup with celery + fruits (except banana);
  • The second day. During the day, soup with celery + raw vegetables;
  • The third day. During the day, soup with celery + potatoes – 1 pc + different plants in any amount;
  • The fourth day. During the day, soup with celery + 1 litre of low-fat kefir + bananas – 3 pcs;
  • The fifth day. During the day, soup with celery + lean meat (fish) + tomatoes – 6 pcs + 2 litres of water.
  • The sixth day. During the day, soup with celery + lean meat (vegetables);
  • The seventh day. During the day, soup with celery + rice (small amount) + vegetables (raw).

Next week the celery diet menu is repeated. Finally, after two weeks of the diet, your body will be cleaned and will get rid of excess deposits of fat. Of course, it will only happen if strictly follow the diet menu. No sweets and confectionery are allowed.

How to get rid of belly fat without exhausting diets?
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