Fat layers on the side – is the same fat as on the waist, so to get rid of fat on the side of your belly at home you have to work on oblique muscles of the press. Many have a false thought that they can correct this problem by just doing exercises for the news. Doing every day the elements directed at strengthening abdominal muscles, you will undoubtedly enhance them, but if you have a fat layer, the muscles will remain hidden. The repeated swaying of the press will not bring the expected results.

To remove the sides and abdomen using exercises, you need to work out a few groups of muscles regularly. There are many videos where professional trainers tell and demonstrate how to form a flat belly, tighten and strengthen the abdominal muscles. At each training, you will have to work hard because only this way you can achieve the goal. For intense training you have to allocate 15-20 minutes – it will be much more useful than training at a moderate pace in the gym.

The list of the most popular exercises for the waist and sides include:

  • raising the legs (lying, in the vice);
  • squats;
  • various options for rocking the press;
  • elements aimed at equilibrium;
  • squat-jump; jumping rope;
  • multiple variants of body twists;
  • a bike;
  • turn of the trunk.

A faithful helper in the struggle for a flat stomach and an aspen waist for you will be a hula-hoop. However, it will take about half an hour daily. During the workout, you can listen to music, watch TV or communicate with a friend on the phone. You can equally effectively remove the sides with the help of exercises on football.

Also, thanks to the gymnastic ball, you can remove tension from the spine, form a correct posture and get rid of back pain. Performing slopes with small dumbbells, you can strengthen the lateral muscles of the press. Also, working with weighting stimulates the muscles of the back, arms, buttocks. It is necessary to execute in each direction a minimum of 10 slopes three times. In last time specialists notice the effectiveness of yoga and pilates for weight loss. The workout you can do in gym or home.

Remember, all movements in training should be light and slow. You can’t remove sides only by doing exercises – you will have to revise the diet. Experts say that 80% of success in losing weight is due to proper nutrition. Include in the menu: foods rich in protein and Omega 3 fats; fresh vegetables and fruits; cereals, etc. Reduce consumption of sugar and salt, and carefully use spices.

It is recommended to eat 5-6 times a day: 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks between them. Remember that you should not allow fasting and overeating. With prolonged breaks between meals, the body begins to lay fat at the waist so that later, it could use as a source of energy.

Some essential rules on fighting on the side of your belly at home

Today you can find a lot of training complexes, targeted at fighting with fat on sides and waist on the internet. But, besides exercises, it’s important to remember some rules, which will help you to save the results of your struggles. You still shouldn’t starve yourself severe weight loss can trigger the appearance of stretch marks on the body.

Girls that use unbalanced diet can encounter serious problems, such as:

  • brittle nails;
  • losing of hair;
  • peeling of the skin and deterioration of its colour;
  • impaired vision, etc.

Therefore, to remove the sides and stomach, exercises should be accompanied by a balanced diet. To tighten the skin, you will need vegetables, greens, berries, and fruits, sea kale, fish. The menu should still contain milk products, meat and eggs – the primary sources of animal protein. Limit the salty, fatty and fried foods, smoked products and flour products.

All experts in the field of sports and medicine say about the importance of drinking water. Since there can be no health without water, you should drink purified, still water in small sips during all day. The amount of water consumed should be 40 millilitres per kilogram of the body. Why is it essential for a flat stomach to monitor food?

The fact is that there are two kinds of fat: subcutaneous, which does not represent danger; visceral – hidden and enveloping internal organs. It is extremely dangerous to health. Visceral fat affects the liver, heart, kidneys, accumulates in the intestine. With hidden fat deposits, simple exercises will not be able to cope. Here you have to adjust the diet. You can remove abdomen and sides with the help of activities, but only if they systematically performed.

Also remember, that after losing weight you have to support the results. If the target achieved and you succeed in regaining the slim body, you have to eat correctly and follow specific recommendations to save the results. Diet should contain whole grains, which accelerate metabolism. The rest is critical to maintaining a figure because you stop and strengthen the muscles.

Excessively depleted muscles will not allow you to burn fat effectively. Eat small meals 5-6 times a day to clean the sides and stomach with exercise and keep for a long time slim. In this case, the three main meals, as well as 2-3 snacks, should be balanced by vitamin-nutrient composition. If the approach is losing weight complexly, that is, to apply several methods at the same time, the results will not be forced to wait.

Remember the main rule: do not be lazy, do not throw halfway up the workout and then you will succeed.


How to get rid of fat on the side of your belly at home?
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