How to make your body posture beautiful? Exercises for your back. A woman who has a cute position always looks much younger than the one that still hunches and slouches. Also, this makes you look gloomy and even severe what does not match with women’s softness and tenderness.  That is why it is essential to care about your posture doing effective back exercises every day.

The first thing that you should do on the way to a beautiful stance is to stop hunching. In many sports sections, training begins with a simple exercise on the back. You need to stand against the wall, touching it with heels, gluteus, lower back, shoulder blades and the back of the head.

When the spine is used to this position, you make a step forward, but the posture does not change and remains in this position for as long as possible. You can do this exercise even at work. It will help remind the muscles how to hold the spine, and proper posture will help to straighten the chest, gather in the stomach and slightly increase the height.

Talking about how to keep your attitude beautiful, exercises for stretching the spine will be suitable here. The easiest of them, which can be done immediately after waking up even without getting out of bed, is this: lie on your back and then, hanging on arms, arch the back. When you are in such position, you feel the stretching of every spinal bone.

Doing it regularly the arch will increase and so you can also bend the legs and try to touch your head with them. But you can do this exercise on your back you can come only after the consultation with a doctor.

As for strength training, it is used to strengthen muscles which keep the spinal column. Such workout often has medical reasons and is ascribed to those patients who had traumas of the spine. But if you don’t have any health problems, you can lift the body from the lying on the stomach position. It is the most effective exercise for the back which helps strengthen not only the muscles but also the layout of your back.

Firstly it can be challenging to leave legs off the ground. In such a case, you can ask somebody for help. A person will keep your legs at rest, and it will help to strengthen muscles. And when it happens, you will not have such a problem. More easily, one hand is on the back of the head and another stretcher aside.

You can finish training with a similar exercise, but it is important to put both sides on the end of the head and make the lifting as high as you can.

How to keep your body posture straight and beautiful? Exercises for your back.
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