Don’t eat before going to bed. The last meal should be fed 3 hours before going to bed. So, if you go to bed at 23:00, then you need to eat dinner before 20:00. And you should forget about the rule “Don’t eat after 6 pm”. I don’t argue about its effectiveness, it was useful and invented a long time ago, but those days people often woke up early and went to bed by nine. Today a lot of people go home from work at 6 to 7 pm. Not eating at all after work is a murder, not a weight loss.

The second rule on how to lose a 10 kg weight in a month sounds like this: drink more water! It doesn’t mean that you should drink so much so that your stomach squishes. It’s enough to swallow a daily norm of 2 to 2,5 litres. Also, sodas and juices are not considered water. Yes, they are also liquid, but for our body, it’s just like “liquid food”. By the way, if you are too sleepy before going to bed, you can also drink water. It will fill up your stomach and dull the feeling of hunger.

Eat at least five times a day: three full meals and two light snacks. Don’t worry about incrementing your amount of fat. The more times you eat a lunch a day, the better. If your body gets used to constant receiving of food, it will begin to spend more energy, not to accumulate.

What should your ration consist?

  • Breakfast should necessarily consist of carbohydrate components: cereals, bread (without yeast) and a salad with vegetables. Vegetables can be either steamed or raw. Instead of them, you can also drink a glass of yoghurt or ayran.
  • For lunch – light soup and a salad with fruit and vegetable;
  • Dinner: meat with the low level of fat, fish or boiled eggs, as well as vegetables in a raw form.
  • For snacks eat any fruit, but except for bananas.

How to lose a 10 kg weight in a month (exercises):

First of all, you need to warm up your body. To do this, you should run or walk in a fast pace (for warming up legs and priests), and do body turns in different directions (for warming up the upper part of your body). Also, we advise doing some swinging with your hands. Know, that the warm-up has gone well and you can start the following exercises when you feel a pleasant burning sensation.

Squats and lunges are perfect for legs. Keep the back flat while doing it. It is enough to perform three sets per 10 times.

Push-ups are ideal for reducing the volume of hands. If it is difficult for you to do a push-up from socks, take a position: lie on the knees.

By the way, I recommend women to perform a push-up only like that! It is the only way how you can lose weight by 10 kg in a month without harming your body and at the same time reducing the volume of hands and also save the breast volume as much as possible. If you do not perform exercises for chest muscles, they are going to begin sagging gradually. I saw the result of quick weight loss of women who don’t perform activities for chest muscles. I can describe what I saw in two words: “ears of a spaniel”.

The proper position for the “tightening” of the overhead press is when the belly descends only by the appropriate swing of the abs. For the upper media: the rises are performed from the position when you lay down on the back, with the legs bent at knees. Don’t experiment with legs being in an even area; you are unlikely to perform lifting using just abdominal muscles. Most likely, you will do jerks with the help of the longitudinal muscles of the back. After a long effort, you will only get problems with your spine. For the bottom of the abs, perform lifts from the laying position. Raise your legs and hold them for as long as possible. Do several approaches, five times per each.

How to lose 10 kg in a month without harm to your body?
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