The gymnastic hoop is one of the compact, inexpensive and effective home gymnastic tools.

Necessarily, the consequences of lessons with hula hoop are:

  • improving the physical condition of the body;
  • massage of the internal organs, including the intestine and other elements of the chain digestion system;
  • heart muscle training; increased blood supply to the brain;
  • the body charged with positive energy;
  • increase the level of flexibility of the back;
  • strengthening muscle corset;
  • improve coordination of movements.

If you have problems with the back, performing exercises with hula hoops before the examination is prohibited. It’s best to choose the hula hoop in specialised stores. The entire assortment of hula hoops can divide into two classes: conventional models are plastic or aluminium circles weighing up to 1 kilogram. Such hula-hoops are familiar to many from childhood, and may still be kept in the attic, in the garage or get crammed behind the cabinet.

Home fitness equipment

This is the most primitive model of losing weight home fitness equipment. You can buy such equipment cheaply. Often, there are hula hoops that come in parts, which take up even less space and can assemble in a couple of minutes. Lightweight models can be used at the initial stage of training to prepare the body for the intensive workout; Aggregate models – this hula hoop is much more useful weight loss than the previous one.

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The weight of the hoop ranges from 1 to 2 kilograms. In the process of performing exercises with the la hoop, it more intensively massages the problem areas and makes the muscles feel an increased load. Such internal diameter models can be equipped with special rubber balls that help increase the intensity of the workout. In order to maximize the use of the hoop, it needs to be selected according to your body’s parameters. To do this, put a hula-hoop in front of you. Ideal will be the model, the upper limit of which is slightly higher than your waist. Remember it is easier to perform exercises with large diameter hula hoops. Therefore, with increased endurance and mastery of skills, gradually move to models of smaller diameter.

For effective weight loss, it is better to use a heavier hoop, classes that will require you large energy costs. However, it is necessary to move gradually to the choice of such a model. Please note that after spinning a hoop weight-welded or equipped with massage rollers, there may be bruised on the body, but it is a natural phenomenon for the untrained body. Exercises with hula hoop relate to aerobic stresses, so the duration of training should be from 15 to 30 minutes.

Exercises with a hoop at home will help strengthen the muscles of the arms, hips, legs and all segments of the press. If you exercise with a hoop regularly, after a couple of months you will be able to flex in front of the girls with a noticeably better figure

How to make a hula hoop? Home fitness equipment
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