How to make the glutes and hips in shape training at home? First of all, it should understand that good results can be achieved only with the regular performance of individual exercises. Otherwise, no intense workout will help you.

The leading position in the popularity rating of exercises aimed at strengthening the hips and buttocks is squatting. These are the most efficient and secure loads explicitly created for this problem. Squats are different. You can do them with a bar, dumbbells, a ball, plastic bottles, filled with sand or water. Initially, such exercises in the home for hips and buttocks are recommended to do without additional load. In each of 2-3 approaches, you need to perform 10-15 repetitions. It is essential that the heels won’t pull off the floor – this reduces the effectiveness of the training.

What does include training program?

  • Walking on the wall;
  • compression of the ball with the legs;
  • pushing of legs back or different variants of waves;
  • arc;
  • troughs inclination with weights, etc.

It will also be useful to jump through the rope. Increased rhythm should accompany exercise for the buttocks and thighs at home. The jump should be done on the toes, evenly distributing the load on the body. The more you engage, the faster you can see the results of the work. To provide a shape of the buttocks and to make your legs slim will help the well-known “bike”.

Remember that your legs should be at an angle of 45 degrees. The above exercises, though aimed at the femoral and lateral muscle groups, also positively affect the entire body, giving it a sporty and sophisticated outline. In the process of sports and weight loss, it is important to remember about stretching. It helps to preserve the elasticity of the muscles and get rid of excessive volume.

This training increases the efficiency of the classes, as well as helps to add grace and refinement to your movements, which is indeed essential for the girls. Stretching, as well as exercises for the buttocks and hips in the home, will be the key to the perfect figure. After a month of regular training, you’ll see a visible result of your efforts. However, remember that to save the shape, you should additionally apply cosmetic procedures. And, of course, follow the rules of healthy eating, without which all your efforts will prove to be useless.

How to make the glutes and hips in shape training at home
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