Power fitness exercises for the muscles of the buttocks. For doing aerobic exercises to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks more hard, you can use dumbbells. We recommend you to use dumbbells that weight from 1.5 to 3 kg each.

  • As in strength exercises, and while doing it, the arms with dumbbells are freely lowered down, wrists look forward and simultaneously with the performance of a lunge, bend the elbows and pull the dumbbells to your shoulders. It strengthens the muscles of buttocks and thighs, in case of using dumbbells – biceps.
  • This exercise is beneficial for tightening your buttocks. It requires a chair or stool. Stand right in front of the seat, put on it the right leg so that the knee is bent at a right angle, the foot rests on the stool with its entire surface, hands placed on a belt. Carry the weight of your body to the right leg, slowly rise and go back. Do it ten times and change the pin, perform three approaches.
  • Exercise should do gradually. Muscles of the buttocks and hamstrings strengthen by doing these exercises. “Dead” pull. To achieve this exercise we need dumbbells of 1.5 to 4 kg if you don’t have them, use plastic bottles with water with a volume of 1.5 to 2 litres. Stand upright; feet are placed apart at a shoulder-width length, arms with dumbbells are lowered and placed in front of hips, shoulders also reduce, the stomach draw, knees are relaxed.
  • Don’t bend your back while taking your buttocks back and bend over, so that your body is parallel to the floor; then you should feel the tension of the muscles of the back of your thighs. While doing it, hands with dumbbells should freely hang perpendicularly to the floor. Return to the starting position with the muscles of your press, 8-10 repetitions, three approaches. To complicate this exercise try to increase the weight of dumbbells and the number of repetitions.
  • After the end of the training, perform a stretch for the muscles of your buttocks: lie on your back, bend your right leg in the knee and pull the foot up to your hip. The knee of the left leg should be pressed to the chest, put the heel to the right thigh, tear the right leg off the floor, grab the right hip with your hands and pull yourself, but the buttocks need to come off the floor. Feel the tension of the gluteal muscles and stay in this position for 30-40 seconds.
  • Repeat for the other leg. Perform it two times with each foot. Then stand on all fours, lap your knees apart, lower your feet together, sit on your heels with the buttocks, bend over and slip your hands along the floor, try to squeeze the chest to the level, stretch forward and keep yourself in this position for 30-40 seconds. Then repeat.

Make the muscles of your buttocks work, and your ass will become tight and elastic again!

How to pump up buttocks? Weight training at home with dumbbells
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