A lot of girls that are going to a fitness club do not know how to start training in fitness classes. They begin to immediately «throwing themselves» to all of the simulators. But you should not be doing that. Initially, you need to consult with a specialist. If you have some health problems, it is better to ask the therapist about what physical exertion you need to avoid.

If you appear to be relatively healthy, then it will be enough to talk with your fitness instructor. He will do with you some tests, with which you can see the reaction of your body to different loads. With fitness testing, you will measure your pulse, blood pressure after the exercise and before it, you will also be examined for problems with a posture, flatfoot and the type of your shape.

Some clubs provide you with the possibility of bioimpedance analysis, which will tell you the percentage of fluid, muscle tissues and fat in your body. According to the data obtained that obtained with tests, the fitness instructor will create you a training plan and a diet.

How to start training in fitness classes

Answering the dilemma about how to begin preparing in fitness classes, you need to decide a goal of these training for yourself. It is essential to know that you cannot simultaneously gain muscle mass and lose weight. Some individuals that have excess weight should, first of all, take care of reducing these fat deposits, and only after that, they can switch to the muscles.

The best way to burn excess fat is by doing strength training together with some cardio exercises. To those exercises, you can include walking, using step-simulators, running, activities with bicycles, as well as an energetic and fast movement, which are performed continuously for several minutes.

Burning fat comes to life at a specific heart rate. Though weight training is causing your, heart, to increase a price, its rhythm is unstable. The normal optimal pulse for your training should be 120 beats per minute. While burning fat, do not refuse to use the power simulators. Their use is essential, so that when fat burns, they can help you to maintain a muscle tone. While doing them, you should not use big weights.

It will be sufficient when you feel fatigue when the number of exercises is 15 times in one call. Between the approaches, you should rest for a couple of minutes. After achieving your results in burning fat, you can start the power training, which the trainer should also develop for you. A sophisticated program should consist of exercises for all of the muscles. It is impossible to do all the activities to build muscle mass in one day – it is better to alternate them by weeks.

How to start training to be a fitness model?
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