Any stretching, firstly, allows you to increase your flexibility. In this meaning, the twine is quite universal. When observing the technique of performing the exercise, the string has a beneficial effect on the pelvic muscles and ligaments, as well as the lower side of your back. Therefore, it will be helpful to master this exercise. Twine allows you to increase the flexibility and smoothness of the movements.

This exercise recommends for dealing with problematic menstruations and varicose veins. Also, there are some individual exercises to get the twine and master its technique, however, the length of the preparatory period depends on several factors:

  • Plasticity: teachers in gymnastic schools always assess the flexibility of future gymnasts first. However, this parameter largely depends on genetic characteristics;
  • General physical form: it will be challenging to sit on a twine if you haven’t even performed some regular gymnastics before or never were engaged in any sport;
  • Age: it is easier to stretch muscles before you turn 18. As the body grows, it takes much more effort for it to reach. However, everything is possible. In a couple of weeks, you can sit on the splits, but only if previously you have been actively stretching or have the necessary flexibility. The rest shouldn’t limit themselves to time frames. To perform the twine, you must have well-stretched muscles of the thigh, circumcised and inguinal ligaments. To achieve the twine exercises must be done regularly and with the proper technique.
  • Prepare you for splits can: lunges, which will be useful even with a minimum level of physical development; swings with the maximum amplitude. It is recommended to perform them at an accelerated pace, with an even back and legs; The ballet machine, which can correctly develop the stretch. At home that shell can be replaced by any object that is above your waist;

  • Exercise “butterfly”: sit on the floor, spread the knees to the sides and put the feet together. Put your hands on your knees and try to press them to the ground. As a result, the knees should remain on the floor effortlessly; periodic attempts to sit on the twine will gradually drop deeper with each training.

To rest on the string, you should perform stretching exercises and follow specific recommendations: before the session, it’s necessary to warm up the ligaments and muscles. For doing this, you can use aerobic exercises or a hot bath; every element must be performed before the appearance of a mild pain because it is a sign of stretched muscles.

Here, the main thing is to break the line between tolerated and hellish pain; start the training in a comfortable position, because the most relaxed muscles are stretched out; watch the rhythm of breathing – it should be smooth and calm; exercise should do smoothly, and without sharp jerks, otherwise you will injure your muscles. By following these simple recommendations, you will soon notice the results.

Exercises to do the splits. How to train correctly?
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