Do you want to have healthy and beautiful legs, but you don’t know how to achieve success quickly? Don’t worry about it! We know how to help you. Let us introduce you the fantastic NBpower Leg Magic lower body exercise machine. This incredible exercise equipment will make your legs, thighs, and buttocks quiet amazing, very quickly.

Also, this unique exercise machine allows you to train other muscles of your body. For example, with the help of this powerful equipment, you can make your arms and shoulders very beautiful.  Furthermore, with Magic Leg you can train the back muscles and abdominal muscles too. Be sure that even if you do different types of exercise at least ten minutes per day, the result will be not long in coming.

Thighs and legs exercise equipment: NBpower

In comparison with other similar exercise machines, NBpower Leg Magic is produced by Triple-plane technology. That is why you can to train the whole body! Why? It is straightforward to explain!

The 360 CircleGlide works in three planes at the same time! By making the rotatory motions, your body moves in all planes. As a result, this makes the main muscles of the lower and upper body work. You train buttocks, thigh, arms, shoulders, legs, and abs. The pulse increases and calories burn, centimeters go, the whole body strengthens. 

Be sure everyone can do the exercises on the 360 CircleGlide. It doesn’t depend on your overall physical condition. The rotatory motions are simple to perform. What is more, they make your workout exciting and productive!

Also, it is essential to say that NBpower Leg Magic does not cause any noise. So, it will not interfere with listening to music, watching TV.  Furthermore, it will not wake up your children, when they sleep. You do exercises on the 360 CircleGlide at any time. It doesn’t matter day or night it is!

So, let us introduce you the list of benefits of NBpower Leg Magic:

  1. The Leg Magic is a high-quality gym level exercise machine.
  2. The lower and upper parts of body strengthen, tone and correct. The calories burn, so you lose weight quickly.
  3. The Leg Magic is produced by Triple-plane technology. As a result, you have total body correction “3 in 1”.
  4.  The exercise machine is easy to use. This sports equipment is not difficult to assemble. Besides, it is easy to disassemble. You don’t need to have plenty of storage space.
  5. The Leg Magic is utterly noiseless. This fact allows you to train at any time whenever you want.

NBpower Leg Magic Exercise Machine:

  • Material: Steel, rubber, foam
  • Colour: Silver
  • Handle color: Black
  • Pedals color: Black
  • CircleGlide color:  Black
  • The weight of the Exercise Machine: 26 pounds (11.6 kg)
  • The span of the sliding platform: 44.5″ (113 cm)
  • The span of the sliding platform for one side: 22.25″ (56, 5 cm)
  • The height of the handle: 37.5″ (95 cm)
  • The diameter of the pedals: 7″ (18 cm)
  • Maximum user weight: 254 pounds (115 kg)

Items included in the package of NBpower Leg Magic Exercise Machine: 5 mm Allen Wrench (Large), 4 mm Allen Wrench (Small), Handle Bolts (2 large-sized screws), Base Plate Bolts (6 small-sized screws), 2 Stoppers, 1 Cap, 2 Power Bands (blue), 2 Push Up Grips, Workout DVD, Easy Assembly Guide, Instruction Manual.

NBpower Leg Magic

Magic leg workout

First of all,  it is essential you say that the Leg Magic is very different from other sports equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, etc. The Amazon Leg Magic consists of two sliding platforms for legs and a high handle. While you are exercising on this exercise machine, your outer and inner thigh muscles and the muscles of the buttocks and calves works.

Even though the design of the exercise machine is quite simple, be sure you can to train several muscle groups at once. It is enough to buy the Leg Magic machine and to perform with it only one week to see the first results. The effectiveness of this excellent sports equipment customer reviews confirms very often.

In general, the principle of performing with the Leg Magic exercise machine for all fitness levels is straightforward. You only need to:

  1. Put your foot on the pedals on the sliding platform.
  2. Hold the handle firmly.
  3. Flatten the legs to the center, and then from the center.
  4. Flatten the legs intensively and quickly.

Be sure after 60 seconds of full cardio workout using the leg, the muscles warm up, and fast burning of calories begins. Generally, even 10-20 minutes of training time per day moves your body and will be enough to make your body healthy and beautiful!

The Leg Magic exercise machine can:

  1. tone the inner thighs, legs, and buttocks muscles;
  2. tighten up abdominal muscles;
  3. develop physical endurance;
  4. make the cardiovascular system better.

Especially for you, we have two videos with Leg Magic exerciser. On the first one, you have a complex workout on the 360 CircleGlide for the lower part of the body. Take a look at how does it works! Without any doubts it is magic!

Did you like it? So, now Let’s look the next one! Here, you have the complex workout on the 360 CircleGlide for the upper part of the body.

Without any doubts you can to buy this excellent exercise machine easily. You can buy it in TV shops and different stores that stores available online. Also, you can buy it even in any city in traditional shops with sports equipment. However, the best variant is to buy this product in online store Amazon. The Amazon is the best online shop in America and many European countries. Millions of people from all over the world every day do successful shops in this Internet store. So don’t miss the time. Buy the NBpower Leg Magic on Amazon right now!

Leg Master total body reviews

I noticed a good effect! The abs tightened, and the waist became slimmer. The total weight after the month of exercising lowered from 75 to 68. It was useful also when the husband broke his leg. This simulator is perfect for muscle gain and fast recovery. Yes, osteochondrosis almost does not bother me now.

Yes, my body is still far from perfect. But I strive for it. That 30 kilograms I’ve lost gave me confidence and understanding that everything is real. Sport helps me lose weight, tighten muscles, make my body slimmer and more attractive. For me, Leg Magic is just a great way to lose weight: effective and inexpensive. Highly recommend!

At first it is a bit difficult to do the exercises, then you slowly get used to it. I do 30 repetitions of each exercise. If you have just started workouts with the simulator, then I recommend reducing the number of repetitions. As the next day your legs will hurt very much! With regular exercises with it, the first result can be seen very quickly, within two weeks.

The hips are strengthened, the muscles of the abs are toned. Even my waist is slimmer! Further, it is important not to be lazy and continue to exercise with this simulator at least a few minutes a day. I’m lazy. Therefore, I use it periodically, when I see that it is just necessary. In general, I am very satisfied with the purchase!

The Leg Magic is very convenient. It’s rather easy to train with is, but I’m just starting. I want the load on the legs, buttocks and abs, but not on the back. On the next day, I barely got out of bed. I felt pain in leg muscles just incredible, even for two days. I was able to start my workouts again only on the third day. After that, there was no pain.

The result became noticeable after a couple of days. Even the buttocks have toned up. And the results are amazing. But it is not easy, hard work is the key. After just a minute, you will not lose weight. for my workouts, I choose comfortable clothes – shorts and top. Just perfect. Press, hips and buttocks. I prefer to exercise without shoes, nothing presses my legs. But if you want you can wear the shoes.

Does leg magic really work?

Of course, every one of us wants to have a healthy and outstanding body. However, sometimes in everyday routine, a lot of people don’t have too much time to do sports or to go to the gym. Fortunately, the Leg Magic is a unique exercise machine that helps you to make your body beautiful quicky. It is a high-quality gym level exercise machine. So, you don’t need to do to the gym. You can train at home and achieve success quickly.

Furthermore, you don’t need to work hard in the gym. Be sure even 20 minutes exercising with Leg magic will enough to tone the body muscles. So buy the Leg magic right now! Make your body quite amazing!

Leg Magic exercise machine
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