First of all, you should pay attention to physical activity in the process of fighting extra fat on the waist. One of the simplest ways of losing excess weight in size is to work with the hula-hoop. It is a pleasant and an easy to do exercise, besides, it is accessible to everyone.

One training with a hoop equal to a full massage session with specialists. While performing the activity, you can enjoy watching TV, talking on your phone or listening to music with pleasure. If you use modern models with weights or massage rollers, then the process of losing weight will be accelerated in several times.

Note: to remove the extra fat from the sides, these exercises with a hula-hoop should be done daily for around 20-35 minutes. After the first training on the body may appear a small hematoma, but it is a natural phenomenon if you have not trained for a long time or never did a body massage.

The duration of the training should be increased gradually, starting from 5 minutes a day. While rotating the hoop, it is essential to keep your back flat and draw in the belly. Training with a circle is an excellent type of home training. Slopes can help in reducing sloping sides. Perform this exercise with your hands stretched along the body. You need to bend smoothly, straining your muscles where the extra fat locate. As an additional intense, you can use a pair of small dumbbells, which you should pick up in your hands while performing slopes.

As other methods to reduce fat on your sides, you can do “scissors”, which are known from childhood or try different ways of twists. By training regularly you will see the first results in just two weeks. As an additional method of losing weight using jumping rope, it will also help tighten your legs and the buttocks. No less effective is the “bar” exercise, that can strengthen the muscles of your back, buttocks and hands.

To remove the extra fat from the sides you should perform these exercises, and to keep the results for a long time it is necessary always to observe your diet. Of course, you can eat like you ever would, but then you have to train too intensively.

The principles of the menu are elementary: all food should low in calories; at the beginning of the day you should eat a full breakfast, which needs to consist of cereals, salads and meat; dinner needs to be easy, for example, a vegetable salad with light dressing, baked fish, etc. Between these three main meals, it is recommended to eat some snacks.

Fruits, diet bread or sour-milk products are suitable for this task; fatty, fried, smoked and salted foods should be removed from your diet or reduced to a minimum; also you need to exclude all sauces, mayonnaise, half-finished products and aerated drinks, especially sweets. To remove sagging hips and extra fat on the waist also help cosmetic treatments: wraps and massages with using special fat burning gels, creams and masks.

Accumulation of fat at women’s waist cause by genetic specificities of the organism which tries to protect reproductive organs from damage. As for men, laziness and physical inactivation are the reasons why beer belly appears. However, applying an integrated approach, you should immediately fight with the flabby belly and sagging sides.

Talking about losing weight, first of all, you need to revise the diet. To get rid of side and belly fat you should not only exercise but also have a healthy diet. Normalization of the nutrition will be the key to success. Of course, the first thing that every nutritionist will tell you is to eat healthy food and to eat right. This method is useful but you won’t see the results immediately. You have to work on yourself and on your habits to achieve this goal. First of all, make it a rule to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach. Discipline yourself and get used to having breakfast. Your breakfast should be full and balanced.

For example, you can eat oatmeal with fruits and yoghurt for breakfast, roasted vegetables for dinner and rich in protein meal for supper. You shouldn’t eat food rich in calories, sweets, fast-food, ready-to-cook food and drink soda water. Apart from eating right, you should do exercises 30 times in the morning on an empty stomach aiming to build higher and lower abdominals. Every week you should increase the number of wraps by 10 and so on to 50 times.

Gymnastics hoop, which everyone remembers from childhood, is active domestic exercise equipment for losing weight at the waist. While rolling the hula-hoop lymph is stimulated which activates splitting of fat accumulated in your body for years. Begin with 5-10 minutes of hula-hoop training and then increase the duration to 30-45 minutes. Hula-hoop helps to improve intestinal motility and stimulate the digestive system creating an additional massage effect.

Aerobic activity recommends for those who want to get rid of side and belly fat. For example, you can run in the park or on the athletic field in the morning or on the treadmill, so you even don’t need to go outdoors. Jumping rope is also a useful exercise. Many people wrongfully think that you can lose weight at the waist only by exhausting the abdominal muscles with constant training. The workout will be helpful, but if there are thick walruses, exercises are not practical. To get rid of subcutaneous fat you should intensively do cardio exercises. Buy an elliptical machine if you can afford it. It helps you build all groups of muscles at the same time.

Methods of how to get a slim waist and body side
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