Pregnancy is not a disease or an abnormity; it is a natural physiological condition of a woman who will soon become a mother. That’s why physical exercises are not prohibited; they are even recommended to do by most of the modern obstetrician-gynaecologists if there are no problems with mother’s or child’s state of health. So what are perfect exercises for pregnant women?

The point is that all women’s muscles, even internal organs, are much weaker than men’s. Also, pregnant women are usually very stressed and nervous. This combination is the main reason why pregnant women should do exercises. What is more, your muscular-ligamentous apparatus of perineum and pelvis should be well-developed for
healthsome childbirth and physical activity will help you make it like that.

Furthermore, exercising helps to get your fit back after pregnancy quickly and prevent the occurring of stretch marks and baby belly. As for the exercises, pregnant women should first consult with their gynaecologist. It is necessary to avoid negative consequences because pregnancy is the very individual process and it is not always perfect. You can start doing exercises only after having permission and a piece of advice.

Nowadays different exercises are both universal and focused on achieving a clearly defined goal. The latter are called unique. They also divide into those that can do independently and those that require supervision. And there are also whole complexes specially made for women who are pregnant. For example, aerobics. It is a rhythmic rep of different exercises, and it contributes to the emergence of positive changes in the body of a pregnant woman.

Main of them are:

  • Greater oxygenation of both mother and future child.
  •  The decrease of pain in the spine during the childbearing.
  • The process of delivery will be more natural, but it is not always so, don’t strongly rely on it.
  • You burn calories. Many instructors also advise doing callanetics apart from aerobics.

This complex is more rhythmical because exercises are more natural it aimed at correction of the posture, toning muscles; also, don’t forget about yoga for pregnant women who help you relax and make your well-being better. And the main thing is to listen to your own body and understand its changes to have only positive consequences of such activities.

Necessary exercises for pregnant women in the 2nd trimester

14-27 weeks of pregnancy are usually called the second trimester. At this time most women have already experience hormonal flux and morning sickness doesn’t disturb them. But you shouldn’t relax very much because the new stage of pregnancy comes now to shift previous unpleasant symptoms. It’s about increasing of the belly which not only limits your movements but also gives an additional load on your spine while uterus press the organs.

The primary task during this period is to decrease the pressure on the needle to a minimum. To do this, you should avoid bending, switch high-heeled shoes with comfortable flat shoes, be careful while getting out of bed and take care of your posture. And it is also necessary to do the exercises for the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, which was made taking into account all the features of the women’s body at this time.

To unload the hips, legs and perineum, you need to lie on your back and lean legs to the wall so that the gluteus are on the floor while breathing out, slowly bend your legs in knees so that the feet slide down. At the same time, bottoms joined, and knees are separated. While breathing in, you close the heels to each other.

During the next breath out you place the hands on the hips smoothly pressing them. Stay in this position for a minute and then relax the bones and put the sides along the body. Then you rest for some minutes, roll over and stand up. Body ball will be suitable as an exercise for the second trimester to strengthen back, abdominal, legs and buttocks. You should sit on it, place legs wider than shoulders, straighten the back, put hands on hips.

Then you should do six circling with your hips. Body ball can also help unload the spine and relax the end. To do this, you should stand on the knees, put head and hand on the ball and rest the back. Only 30-40 seconds of this exercise can help to fight problems discussed above. It is worth mentioning that you should include breath work in your training. It is because right breath helps to ease childbirth. Firstly you should develop diaphragm breathing and then go on to chest breathing. Pregnancy is not the reason for ignoring sport.

Physical exercises for pregnant women

Rightly chosen training complex improve heart performance, increase the flexibility of the body, control the weigh gaining, help to prepare the body for delivery. Strength exercises and running are allowed during the first stage of pregnancy, but only there is no possibility of miscarriage. Then it is better to avoid training which poses a risk of trauma or falling. You should forget about horse riding, roller skating, skating, riding a bicycle. You should consult with your gynaecologist before doing any exercises.

Let’s consider some exercises for pregnant women: walking has a positive influence on heart performance. Limited walking doesn’t overload your muscles and joints. It is a safe exercise during all the pregnancy and it suitable for your time managing. As experts say, swimming is the most reliable and the most active sport for pregnant. It has a good impact on cardiovascular system and helps to control your weight.

Many people like aerobics. Water exercises during pregnancy are beneficial for ligaments; they help to reduce swelling of the legs, which occurs in later periods.

Stretching and yoga allow you to maintain muscle tone, make the body plastic and flexible. Be careful when stretching – do not overdo it.

Pilates is relaxation and breathing techniques as well as strength training and the development of flexibility. Specific movements of abdominal and hips are the main activities of pilates. During childbearing, these muscles are the most vulnerable, so Pilates is useful for pregnant women.

Many exercises allow you to remove the load from the back and hips. Dancing is smooth movements to your favourite music, which contribute to the strengthening of the heart muscle and do in a cosy home environment.

You should avoid sharp turns, twistings, jumps. There are even special group classes for pregnant women. Aerobics for future mothers provides the necessary workload for the body at different stages of pregnancy. Experts recommend doing such exercises during pregnancy in special training classes, where you can always ask an instructor for help. They also recommend future mothers to train regularly but remember that you shouldn’t overload yourself. It strongly recommends that you consult with your doctor before starting the training.

Perfect exercises for pregnant women. Training in the second trimester
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